iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c sales hit nine million in first weekend, says Apple

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c sales hit nine million in first weekend, says Apple

Summary: "Initial supply" of iPhone 5s sold out, says Apple CEO Tim Cook, while 200 million devices have upgraded to iOS 7


Apple sold a total of nine million of its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models in the three days after the launch of the new iPhone models on September 20, the company has said.

Demand for the iPhone 5s has "exceeded the initial supply", the company said, adding that many online orders are scheduled to be shipped "in the coming weeks".

Apple did not detail what proportion of the nine million handsets sold where the iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c models, but last week mobile operators in the UK were voicing their frustration at the short supplies of the premium iPhone 5s model, while the 5c was widely available.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said nine million was a new record for first weekend sales of an iPhone. "While we've sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly. We appreciate everyone's patience and are working hard to build enough new iPhones for everyone."

The company also said that 200 million iOS devices are now running iOS 7, which is compatible with iPhone 4 handsets and later, iPad 2 tablets and later, and iPod touch (5th generation) devices.

To compare, last year Apple sold five million of its iPhone 5 model in the first three days after its launch, while 100 million iOS devices were updated to iOS 6 in the same period.

The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are available in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the UK.

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  • Is it really?

    "Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said nine million was a new record for first weekend sales of an iPhone."

    Is Tim comparing Apple to Apples with this statement? While it may technically be true prior iPhone launches were limited in scope. By this I mean they were launched in select markets and on select carriers. I believe this is the first time the iPhone has launched everywhere it is available. Thus distorting the numbers.
    • Since when is selling 9-million iPhones distorting the numbers?

      The iPhone is selling in more countries. This means there is a higher potential for sales than ever before. This doesn't even include China Mobile and its 700 million customers.

      9 Million iPhones in 3 days is 9 Million iPhones.

      There is no way to distort those numbers, Mr. Samsung.
      • It does include China

        And there are two models this time compared to the usual solo release. And for a change the buyer has multiple choices in colors. If they didn't sell so many it would be a surprise!
        Thomas Kolakowski
        • Are you serious?

          Two more countries should make that much of a difference? I'll have some of that whatever it is you're smoking are drinking?
          Arm A. Geddon
          • Two more countries?

            Err...not just any 2 countries. One of them, China, happens to be the biggest smartphone market in the world! Go figure..
            Leng Hua
        • Nonsense...

          This is like saying that McDonalds had 30% higher revenue because they opened 500 new restaurants and added two new burgers on their menu..so what. According to you that is really bad news. Apple came up with a better product that people want and they are willing to pay the price...it is that simple.
          • Apple misleads..

            I think you guys are missing the point here! No one is disputing the fact that Apple sold 9 million phones on the opening weekend. What is disputed is the claim that this is a new record for a weekend sales. Yes, it is a record, but what is conveniently left out is the fact that China is included in the launch, and also there are 2 versions of the iPhone this time around! If that doesn't give you record numbers, then Apple should just pack up and close shop!

            Trust me, if the 5S numbers alone are higher than the iPhone 5 compared to the opening weekend last year, in exactly the same number of countries that launched last year, Apple will be screaming and shouting this out to the whole world. Now, they are refusing to divulge details. That's telling, isn't it..
            Leng Hua
    • Android

      Can you name one single Android device that has sold this well? Oops. I thought not. :-)
    • Re: I believe this is the first time the iPhone has launched everywhere

      Not true. The iPhone is still launching is very few markets initially.
    • 11 v 9

      iphone 5 was launched in 9 countries, iphone 5s in 11, hardly a huge jump now is it, yet a huge jump in sales. The samsung gs4 was available on 327 carriers in 155 countries on release day and sold less than half what apple did in opening weekend.
    • iPhone markets

      I don't think iPhone launched in all its markets - just a select few.

      I think Tim Cook said they'd release to all their markets by the end of the year.
    • Excuse me, but what do you mean by "select markets "?

      If Apple did sell at "select markets" then some of the countries wouldn't be in that list of nations that Apple launched their phones in. Also the only dude who's like "Apple lied about their sales number" on the television was the same dude who said that Siri won't be included in the 5c, who is definately Harry Knowles in the field of technology by now. And also do you live in Korea? If so, do you write for the news company that Korea has? Because people in Korea are saying things that are very similar to your argument.
    • Doesn't even matter

      Q3 sales have shown that Apple has slipped closer to single digits and will become irrelevant within a 18 months.
  • What is with all the "anonymous" handles?

    I mean really, pick a name.
    • nope

      It is zdnet testing which is the troll bait - the poster handle, or the content.
      • Hmmm..

        I wondered why...and that's as good an explanation as any. Are they counting flags?
        Can't decide if my sig showing means I don't count...
    • You could pick the name "anonymous" for this when we make our account?!?

      I thought we couldn't because they might overlap and that we would get the choice of being the "anonymous" person so I picked this name and then when I made a comment I was horrified to find out that I couldn't choose whether I could be anonymous or not.
  • Absurd the 2 Analysts on CNBC

    I really cannot believe the bashing Apple gets even on record setting day. CNBC had on 2 analysts today – one said Apple will long term be like MSFT and has 300 price target. Really Apple has shown it is like MSFT? One of most profitable companies in world with record setting sales almost every year?

    2nd analyst says Apple sales was really flat and growth was because they expanded
    into China. It is like he saying Apple is not playing fair because Apple expanded its market/distribution. Let me ask you this – isn’t that how every company expands – by expanding into new markets? But when Apple
    does it and does it really well with complexity of supply chain and logistics– the negative analysts are saying like Apple is CHEATING. COME ON!

    Who else can sell or even make 9 million units in launch weekend?
    I imagine 9 million units is incredibly hard to make especially for something as complex as computer inside your hand. But theses flimsy analysts are saying like it is so so like anyone can do it in their sleep, and comes off as really jaded of record sales Apple sets.

    Same analysts who predicted 5-6 million units sold and the 5C would be dud and they got that wrong. A beat is a beat and these are actual sales - it is like Apple is penalized for finding new ways to do it. It is like analyst are saying wait till next quarter - oh they did great on that - ok lets wait quarter after that - eventually Apple will fall flat and I will be right. Is that how business school is teaching to value companies?

    Same shady analysts who buy into AMZN who has PE 250+ and lost money every year since it was born. If you give me billions of dollars – I promise you I can sell products at or below cost and never make a profit too. Analysts prefer that over Apple PE 10 and one of most profitable companies in world. Eventually analysts will be right and AMZN will make profit and analyst will be like you see I told you so.

    And they don't even mention NEW Apple products planned for 2014.
    • Return to the mean

      That's the analysts game. They can always safely predict a "return to the mean" for any company valued as highly as Apple. Statistically they are very likely to be right. OTOH if they are wrong they can always blame it on their inability to forsee products that Apple has not yet produced.

      It's like the whole "let's read meaning into Apple's pre-sale non-announcement of non-news" game we played last week.

    NO KUDOS to the ANALyts!!
    Arm A. Geddon