Manufacturers slashing prices of Windows RT tablets

Manufacturers slashing prices of Windows RT tablets

Summary: Microsoft is still keeping its Surface RT priced at $499, however.


Depending on whom you ask, Windows RT — the stripped-down, mobile friendly version of Windows 8 — has either a bright future, or will soon be replaced by the forthcoming Windows Blue. Either way, one thing we do know is that manufacturers who brought out the initial supply of tablets running Windows RT are starting to drop their prices.

A little sleuthing by IDG News Service details that Asus, Dell, and Lenovo have all recently lowered the price tag of these slates. While IDG points to the Asus VivoTab RT being sold by Amazon at just $381, that's actually through Everest Online and fulfilled through Amazon. Nonetheless, its price has dropped $50 (to $549) at places like OfficeDepot and B&H Photo.

Meanwhile, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 convertible tablet is being sold by Amazon for $499, or $599 through Lenovo itself. In comparison, back during last year's Black Friday, this 64GB configuration was on sale through Lenovo for $759.

Finally, Dell is now selling the 32GB version of its XPS 10 starting at $449, which is $50 lower than when it was launched last October.

One company that hasn't budged on its Windows RT tablet pricing is Microsoft, which continues to offer the Surface RT for $499 for the 32GB version. And there are rumors circulating that HTC may rejoin the tablet fray with a Windows RT tablet of its own.

Nonetheless, the price cuts from other manufacturers don't bode particularly well for the new touch-friendly OS. Do they make you more likely to buy a Windows RT tablet? Let us know in the Talkback section below.

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  • Not even if people start giving them away.

    How on Earth would I be expected to install a Linux distro on one of those?!

    So the answer is obviously "No, thank you.".
    • better

      you buy an iPAD and trying doing that weird stuff..when you buy eggs do you wish to convert that into chicken before eating?
      • Why yes... Its called open source, and OWNING your hardware.

        As in title.

        And do note that there are toons of good tablets out there that can acomodate especially eager tinkerers.

        iPad is bad for that.
    • I agree, mostly.

      I would never try to install Linux on one of these, but I would want Metro on it even less. So like you, I wouldn't want one of these, even if they were free. I'll stick with iPad. If I were ever going to move to a different OS down the line, it would be Android, not Windows 8.
      • Irrationality quota has been met.

        When I read comments that say, "I wouldn't take one if they gave it to me.", it immediately identifies a irrational biased individual.

        I'm not an Apple fan, but if one was given away, I'd gladly take it. Most rational and reasonable people will accept free no strings attached stuff. I really want to believe your post is BS. If I'm not than you've just proven your worth to the ZDnet community as being hollow.
        • No, I really wouldn't take a Surface it if were free.

          Secure Boot has made *sure* of that. And besides, it wouldn't really be free because I'd have to buy all of my apps all over again.
          • What?

            You don't have to buy ANY apps if you don't want to. In addition, many Apps are FREE in the Windows Store or included in the device (MS Office) or lastly you can use them through the Web if they are web enabled.

            You've clearly proven your worth to ZDNet, now troll along.
          • MS wouldn't thank you for saying that!

            Not buy any apps from the App-Store?! Then what on Earth would I be supposed to do with it? Dance around it ;-)?
          • You can do a lot with a Windows RT and NEVER buy an App.

            I don't know why I'm trying to respond rationally to an irrational person, but here goes....

            I have a Windows RT and I've bought...maybe 2 Apps since I've had it. Those purchases were Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds Space for my Kids.

            Outside of that, I've used a ton of included or Free Apps such as MS Office, USA Today, Fox News, Skype, SkyDrive, Photofunia, Email, Netflix, XBOX Smartglass, LastPass, Kayak....I could go on but I gather you get the drift.

            Everyone has likes and dislikes. It's different when it goes from being a dislike to an irrational hatred, but I'm sure you've got many reasons why youhate MS. /s
          • I've already explained why I'll never own a Surface.

            The WinRT Surface implements Secure Boot in such a way that it cannot be disabled, and this makes it impossible for me to install a Linux distribution upon it. This makes WinRT an affront to my "Freedom to Tinker" principles - I will not accept a computing device like that at any price.

            Fortunately, there is still a Free Market and I can vote "Android" instead.
          • Stick to those principles

            I can understand having certain principles to live by. We all do. It gets disjointed when another person pushes those principles on others. Or, let's say, attacks others that don't agree with said principles. Or, let's even get deeper...let's say dismisses a product as crap simple because it doesn't meet those principles.

            I have one somewhat irrational principle. I won't ever eat at Dairy Queen, again. Not because their food isn't Great (I do like it), it's because of something that happened a long time ago (long story). However, I don't rip into, degrade, or attack anyone who like Dairy Queen or Dairy Queen.

            So why all the MS Hatred?
          • What on Earth are you talking about?

            Firstly, I am not pushing my principles on anyone. I am simply stating why I will never buy a Surface.

            Secondly, I object to you suggesting that my principles are irrational simply because you disagree with or do not understand them.

            Thirdly, please point out where I dismissed the product as "crap". (Although I'll admit to laughing at the TV commercials - those actors really did just dance around their Surfaces!)

            OTOH, you have definitely accused me of being an MS-hating troll. Where did that come from?
          • Where you whole debate breaks down!

            Is when you fight to say you wouldn't take one if it was free!
            What a load of bollocks, I'll just roll out the 44 gallon drum for you to dribble in. Who said you had to keep it or use it. If I was given something for free that I didn't like, I'd either pass it on to someone in the family who would use it or sell it on eBay.
            Your just speaking sour grapes for some reason or other.
          • No, I honestly wouldn't take a free one.

            That seems to bother you, even astonish you, and yet it is true nonetheless.

            This is a matter of principle from my perspective, and you have just stated that your own principles are effectively "for sale" at ${RESALE_PRICE_ON_EBAY} (which is likely to be a lot less than $449). I am not you.
          • Then send it to me

            I'll take one for free, or even a couple hundred bucks.

            I have a couple android tablets, wife has a iPad (result of having Androids before I bought hers) and I've bought androids for others.

            They all do a job, and a surface will probably do what I want in a tablet.

            Too bad you are such a bigot that you can't see anything except hatred for MS. Passing up free stuff just because you might get contaminated and be forced to admit they aren't as stupid as you'd like everyone to think causes you to pass up opportunities and basically make the same mistakes MS made in the tablet market.
          • Ah, another "ad-hominem". Hello, Cynical.

            "Too bad you are such a bigot that you can't see anything except hatred for MS."

            I don't think you have the capacity to understand my point of view. All you seem to understand is "bigotry" and "hatred", and so you are incapable of ascribing any other kind of motivation to others. That's pitiful.
          • Thank gosh for that!

            I don't want you to be me!
            Maybe I'd better clarify my position, If some one game it to me for a present I would take it and use it. Bad manners to refuse gifts or give them back. If I won it then probably pass it on too a family member first and if they didn't want it of course I'd sell it!
            You choose to do what you will, hope your family don't get to upset if you refuse any of there gifts on principle.
            "Shakes head"
          • Should say gave not game!

            Say what? silly profanity filter!
          • Interesting

            Every one has a price. Yes, that means you too! No principle is that dear - history stands testimony to that. Don't presume yourself to be special, because you ain't. You can be compromised as can your principles - the only question is - at what price?
          • It sure isn't a Surface!

            "Every one has a price."

            If you can be bought for only a Surface then you're a cheap buy! 'Nuff said!