Microsoft cuts another $100 off first-generation Surface Pro price

Microsoft cuts another $100 off first-generation Surface Pro price

Summary: Microsoft's first-generation, Intel-based Surface Pro now starts at $699.


Microsoft's original Intel-based Surface Pro prices now start at $699, which is $100 cheaper than its most recent price.


Microsoft made its latest cut to Surface Pro prices on October 23. Microsoft previously cut $100 off the Surface Pro prices earlier this summer.

After today's cuts, the first-generation Surface Pros now cost $699 (64GB model); $799 (128GB) and $999 (256GB). 

The just-released, second-generation Surface Pro 2 is $899 (64GB), $999 (128GB), $1,299 (256GB) and $1,799 (512GB).

The new prices are for Surface Pros sold through Microsoft brick-and-mortar and online stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada only, according to the fine print on the deal that I see. However, I am hearing from some folks in Europe that they also can get the $100 cut in their stores.

Microsoft no longer lists or sells the first-generation Surface Pro on its or online Microsoft Store sites. It is continuing to tout the first-generation Surface RT on both, however.

Rather confusingly, a Microsoft spokesperson told back in September that the company would no longer be selling directly Surface Pros once the Surface Pro 2s launched. A spokesperson gave Neowin this statement last month:

"Surface Pro will continue to be available via authorized commercial resellers. However, after October 22, Surface Pro will no longer be available for purchase from Microsoft or its retail partners in most markets where Surface Pro 2 is sold."

That statement notwithstanding, Microsoft is making the latest Surface Pro discount available directly from the Microsoft Online Store. The new lower prices are in effect from October 22 tol December 31.

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  • I'd still stay away from it.

    Still costing too much for what it is.
    Go surface 2 or go ipad/android.
    • I might pick one up, at this price.

      Battery life really isn't as important to me as portability and power are.

      The Power Cover's being released next year, so if I do need the extra hour or two, I'll get it.

      But $700 dollars for a pen-enabled tablet with a 1080p display and Ivy-bridge?

      That's a crazy good deal.

      (Micro SD cards are easy to find these days, and Haswell's performance gains are minimal)
    • iPad ...

      Great idea. I'll go buy a Surface2/iPad/Android tablet ... just as soon as they allow me to run Office, Visual Studio & all my development tools, PhotoShop & Illustrator, Hyper-V, etc.

      Don't get me wrong - i have an iPad already. It's been in a cupboard since I got my Surface RT which I find to be WAY more effective at being productive on.

      But it doesn't do everything I want.

      A Surface2 Pro on the other hand ... just might!
      • Photoshop on a 10" screen?

        The Surface Pro share the same screen size as the Surface2. I couldn't imagine running Photoshop or Illustrator on such a small screen. Hook it up to an external monitor and mouse? May as well just pull out the laptop at that point.
  • How many have they built?

    If they have like 5 million in stock, cutting $200 of each makes for another $1 billion write off.
    • You have gone as low as cloggedbottom in recent times

      Take a break...all google software is stolen and contains spyware. No matter how much you troll here, its not going to change that fact.
      • RE: all google software is stolen and contains spyware

        You love spreading FUD - aren't you ?
      • Barking at the wrong tree

        Owl*Net, what makes you think I root for Google, or anyone of those companies here?

        I asked a question. If you don't have the answer, just pass by. I don't need your fanboy comments.

        So, the fact that you refer to is what? How many Surfaces has Microsoft built?
    • Huh?

      In order for it to be a write off they would have to take a loss on it. Do you know what MSFT cost is on the Surface Pro?
    • They don't have 5 million in stock, and you know that.

      Yet you persist.

      Why is that?
      • That's correct, MS does not have 5 million Surface Pro in stock

        it is actually 6 million and it is Surface RT!
        • Actually, what MS has is 6 million dummies attacking them, no matter

          what the facts and no matter what the subject.
      • Re: Why is that?


        You are trying to pretend you follow some logic. Yet, your post does not show any.

        Hint: I ask, because I do not know the answer.

        Do you know it? How many Surfaces does Microsoft have in stock? If you don't your comment is somewhat misplaced.
        • But you also made a statement

          "If they have like 5 million in stock, cutting $200 of each makes for another $1 billion write off."
          Not even knowing what they cost you calculate a write-off. Simply brilliant.
          Seems there are a log of questions that for which you don't know the answer.
          Yet you continue to make statements regarding those unanswered questions anyway.
    • I doubt they keep that kind of backstock

      of the Surface Pro. They made that mistake with the original Surface, but considering the Pro came out a couple of months later they probably didn't originally order just as many.
      Sam Wagner
  • Good deal

    Don't bother with the Surface Pro (1 or 2) 64 GB model. The 128 GB model at $799 is a good deal. The 256 GB model at $999 is an even better one. I wish they had had the 256 GB when I bought my 128 GB. Since the upgrade to Windows 8.1 is free and it was pretty much perfect to begin with, there's no compelling reason to trade in a 1st generation Surface Pro on a 2nd generation one unless you want a bigger SSD or a somewhat better battery life.
    Sir Name
  • A reasonably good deal

    But I can't make hide or tail out of those sales restrictions/availability options, and I'm a computer scientist!
  • It will get to $500

    I will buy one by then (if before 6 months from now).

    $700 is yet too expensive, $600 with the keyboard (cover) is reasonable, $500 is a very good deal, with a keyboard MS will sell all the stock that they might still have.
  • If...

    If Microsoft released an App that allowed me to use my Surface RT as a second monitor with a Surface Pro I would definitely consider this. Would make for a killer dual monitor setup when I need to get real work done, and when I just want to chill at Starbucks and surf the web I'd leave the Pro at home and carry the RT.
    • That's a might expensive

      second 10.6" monitor at that point. How would two tiny monitors make a killer dual monitor setup? Two 22+" monitors running at atleast 2560x1440 would be a killer setup. :-)
      Sam Wagner