Microsoft delivers new batch of Surface updates

Microsoft delivers new batch of Surface updates

Summary: Microsoft is making available updates and fixes for its Surface RT, Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets as part of its November Patch Tuesday releases.


Microsoft is pushing out new updates and fixes for its various Surface tablet devices -- the bulk of which are for the ARM-based Surface 2 -- on November 12.


According to Microsoft, the Surface 2 November updates include:

  • Performance improvements for all Type Cover and Touch Cover versions
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth driver updates to improve wireless display performance
  • Camera improvements
  • Audio improvements including switching to speaker playback after disconnecting a headset
  • System performance and stability improvements
  • Battery life improvements

There are no new updates in today's batch for the Intel-based Surface Pro 2 devices. (Microsoft made available for download  a firmware and driver update pack available for the Surface Pro 2 at the end of October.)

The first-generation ARM-based Surface RT and Surface Pro are both getting a couple of updates.

Microsoft is updating the Windows RT operating system on Surface RT to allow the use of Japanese Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2. There are seemingly no updates this month for Surface RT users who've moved to Windows RT 8.1.

On Intel-based Surface Pros running Windows 8, Microsoft also is providing an update to allow the use of Japanese Touch Cover 2 and Type Cover 2. For Surface Pro users running Windows 8.1, Microsoft is providing two other updates:

  • Update to the LifeCam driver to increase TrueColor fidelity
  • Update to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers to enable improved wireless display performance and to further enhance Wi-Fi network performance and stability

Microsoft is making these updates available as part of its Patch Tuesday set of releases. Users who want to grab the updates manually once they are available can follow the instructions on Microsoft's various Surface Update History pages (which I've linked above in this post).

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  • Nice!

    Having regular firmware updates - almost monthly - that improve the device is very satisfying.
    Microsoft really tries to make this excellent product even better.
    • I don't know why you got 43 flags

      but you are right. These firmware updates are keeping the interest in the device up making it more useful in every aspect.
      Ram U
      • Cool. Now I got 49 flags.

        Come on ABMers, only 49? You could do better.
        Ram U
        • flags on this article are a badge of honor

          Wear them proudly
      • Not sure why you've got 49 flags.

        The exploiter's back, and he/she REALLY hates Microsoft.

        I think it's pathetic that someone would do something like this.

        It kills the point of a voting system, which exists to promote good comments and remove spammy ones.

        Instead, it's being abused to harass innocent users and promote their own narrow opinion.

        It's stupid.
        • I think RamU and Silly Knight got hosed because they are so obviously

          Microsoft shills. The most inane was the fool that observed that a firmware update, designed to fix glitches, would keep up interest in the product. Yeah, the same way that Toyota recalls keep up interest in the brand.

          Still, you make a good point, the vote/flag system on this board is broken. We need up, down and flag only for hatespeech, etc. Wish they'd fix it, and control how many times one user can vote. I can't image 47 different people caring enough about the comments of these shills to bother to flag them that many times.
          • Microsoft, where is my check?

            Probably WhatsamattaU knows. Hey while you are calling Microsoft Shill, could you please help me getting the check from them.

            Some idiots consider everyone shill while they do the same without realizing.
            Ram U
          • I'm not sure who you think I'm shilling for?

            I use all kinds of OSes, devices and software, none are perfect, some are decent, many are crap. Shills aren't necessarily paid, although I'm sure you've seen the stories about how MS and others pay people to talk up their stuff on boards like this. For others, perhaps you, it's an us vs. them mentality, if you like their stuff, you'll defend your purchase decisions, even beyond reason. Talk to Lovey about your check, I'm sure he knows what department at MS you need to contact.
          • Since you don;t know me

            why did you call me Microsoft Shill? It seems you thought I either work for Microsoft or got paid by Microsoft post something here. I use a lot of technologies. I own iPad2, iPhone 5 (3 numbers), Chromebook, Android Phone in addition to Surface RT, Surface Pro, Lenovo Laptop running Windows 8, HP with Windows 7, another HP with Windows 8 with Hyper-V running Ubuntu and Android x86. I sound like Microsoft fanboi, nothing more and nothing less. it seems you have multiple logins and trying to flag more often. Go ahead do it you coward. Thanks for playing.
            Ram U
          • Of course I also own 4 Windows Phones in addition to the above

            and few Windows Mobile devices. Rest are either donated and traded for newer stuff.
            Ram U
          • And a Macbook Air

            Ram U
          • quick to call someone out, but..

            ...slow to take the same criticisms, much? You're only labelling yourself as a bigot if you honestly believe that someone with a differing opinion to yours must be on a payroll. Deal with it. People are different, and many people like many products.

            Claiming you like many different OSs proves nothing when you clearly hate the opinions of anyone that likes one you don't. Grow up.
          • We're all Shills

            Paul Thurott referenced this same thing on his show last week. It has gotten so popular to hate Microsoft, and it is so expected to be the norm, that anyone who says anything remotely positive about Microsoft or remotely negative about a competitor obviously must work for Microsoft. I mean it's totally outside to realm of possibility that anyone could get a Microsoft product and be satisfied with it.
          • In the real world ...

            It can be easily "observed that a firmware update, designed to fix glitches, would keep up interest in the product".

            Evidence: the regular updates to iPhone, some Android devices, Windows Phones, etc.

            In this day and age, there would be *FAR* less interest in any platform that DIDN'T receive regular health and safety updates and improvements.

            And, thankfully, updating one's devices' firmware, OS and apps does not (generally) require taking your device back to the dealer ... although some of the people I see in Apple's stores asking for a "Genius" to help them do just that is somewhat concerning!
    • I agree

      The regular cadence of updates has been a great benefit of Microsoft's product support strategy.
    • Couldn't agree more.

      Haven't enjoyed a mobile computing device so much since I bought my Powerbook 3400. Microsoft knows how to do hardware (and I hope they keep doing it). Now they need to figure out how to MARKET their hardware. Between the dancing commercials for the Surface and the Kinect stuff for the Xbox One, no wonder their getting bad press right now.

      Surface RT2 is a great tablet (way better than the iPad 2 and the Kindle Fire 8.9)
      Dre' Reavis
  • ...if they have a feature added value

    ... as if they only solve device & security issues, it will rather emphasize previous weaknesses.
  • Speakers. Sound

    I noticed that the Surface 2 has poor sounding speakers compared to original Surface RT. I run the Rain Sounds App nearly 24/7 and it sounds much more realistic on the RT. Hopefully they can address this also.
    • Original Surface

      The first Surface had the same issue.
      It was addressed later with a firmware release that greatly increased the volume output and sound quality.

      It is surprising that the Surface 2 has a similar issue. An Nvidia glitch?
      • Hey CyberKnight,

        Please don't drop f-bombs...result can be a ban.
        Thank you,
        ZDNet Moderator