Microsoft promises fix for Surface Pro 3 overheating issues

Microsoft promises fix for Surface Pro 3 overheating issues

Summary: Microsoft is readying a fix meant to remedy an issue with the Intel Core i7 Surface Pro 3 tablets that is meant to remedy overheating issues reported by some users.


There have been reports by some recent Surface Pro 3 users -- specifically those buying the Intel Core i7 devices -- that their tablets are overheating.


Microsoft officials responded publicly on August 26 to those reports, claiming a fix is in the works and will be available "as soon as possible." (Officials declined to say if that means on the next Patch Tuesday, which is September 9, or some other date.)

I asked for an update on the overheating reports and a Surface spokesperson sent the following response:

“The Surface Team is aware of a very small number of Surface Pro 3 Intel® Core™ i7 devices that are temporarily restarting and incorrectly showing a 'Thermometer Gauge' icon while attempting to boot up. Our investigation reveals that the system is triggering this event sooner than it should for some people, only when the device restarts, and this does not occur when the device is booted and running. We have an update that will address this that will be ready for our customers as soon as possible.

"The i7 version of Surface Pro 3 is a first-of-its-kind tablet delivering i7 processing power in a thin and light package. As such, the increased power calls for the fan to spin more regularly and at higher speeds – and for the unit to run slightly warmer. If customers have any questions or concerns, they should contact Microsoft Support.”

Microsoft introduced its third-generation Surface Pro 3 tablets in May 2014. Microsoft is positioning the Surface Pro 3 as a replacement for MacBook Airs and other laptops.

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  • My aunt's neighbor's sister in law bought a Surface Pro 3

    For heating the basement, while working from home, earning nothing.
    • I bought the i5 version, so I didn't notice the heating issue

      I think it could be due to overclocking the processor.
      Ram U
    • Well you failed twice in this

      You tried to be funny copying a spam/scam messages that ZDNet form encourages the scammers to post. I like the way you did
      But you failed
      1. As a scammer
      2. As an Apple Fanboi. Take cues from @5375 next time. :D
      Ram U
      • Ram U talking to yourself.

        Often seen as a sign of overdoing the religion.

        Cut back the microsft worship; you'll be OK
        • Look who is talking

          The person that hates Microsoft from top to bottom and pushes his agenda of marketing Google products. Nice playing PAL of Google.
          Ram U
          • Wrong AGAIN ...

            ... getting to be a habit.

            I don't hate Microsoft form top to bottom, simply resent their ability to twist the facts to justify 1990s technology in 2014.

            I do hate their fanbois, because many of them are paid by Burston Marstellar, M$'s Dirty Tricks Arranger.

            No secrets there. Yes I like a lot of what Google do, and I don't belive Microsoft lies about Google. But it's not a religion. When Google do bad, I say so (If you keep stalking me, you'll learn)>

            In short, I prefer fact to fiction, reality to religion.

            Call me an old sceptic, eh? ;-)
          • "M$" says it all about you

            I know from the beginning you are marketer for Google ecosystem. I don't care whether Microsoft bashing google or Google trying to steal other's efforts etc. I develop apps for almost every platform. Yes, I agree I like Microsoft products because I made good money on that, and lost a lot of money while supporting Unix platform when I had my own shop back in India. That is one of the reasons I like Microsoft shop, it encourages employment. The other platforms may, but you have to look out for.

            >>But it's not a religion. When Google do bad, I say so (If you keep stalking me, you'll learn)>

            You never did because in your eyes Google never did any wrong until now.

            >>Do get a life and stop playing fanboi games.

            Did I play any fanboi game here? Nope, I was just pointing out where Smalahove had gaps in his joke. I like jokes and a lot of my colleagues cut jokes on me daily and I take them as good sign of relationship. since I don't know you probably you might take them seriously. I didn't shilled about Surface Pro 3 there either, unlike you. You shill about Google products on a daily basis including how good is Google's netbook over laptops.

            >>Otherwise it's homework and bed for you!
            LoL, probably you must retire, and chant God's name for the rest of your life because you are so old and learning new technologies must be tough for you.
            Ram U
          • Now who is Burston Marstellar?

            I never got anything from him. Probably you might've worked for him.
            Ram U
      • i thought it was funny

        and didn't see any apl fanboying .
        • Well its funny, I agree to that

          he showed how ZDNet allows spammers do their stuff graciously and pushing us, the talkbackers, over to the edge.

          You didn't get my sarcasm. You should've read bullet#2. My mistake I was referring to @5735guy when I mentioned @5375 though.
          Ram U
          • Ahh missed main point

            When I said failed as a scammer, he is not trying to sell Surface Pro 3 or his fav. iPad.
            When I said failed as an Apple Fanboi, he didn't mention anything abou iPad, or MacBook Air. If it were @5735guy, he would've used it to sell Apple products there. :)
            Ram U
          • Ram U getting boring.

            Do get a life and stop playing fanboi games.

            Otherwise it's homework and bed for you!
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            You know, Heenan, you should probably shush now.

            The adults and funny people are talking.
          • got it now

            okay, yours was humorous too.
            but a bit too "inside baseball" as it required explaination :)
  • It looks like this isn't actually overheating

    The title is a bit deceptive as it makes it sounded like they're releasing a fix to prevent it from overheating. In actuality, it looks like it's displaying to the user it's overheating when it actually isn't. Still a pain I imagine but I'd much rather have a false positive than it actually overheating.
    • Completely Agree

      I came here expecting to hear about actual overheating issues. This kind of fanatical anti-microsoft title i'd expect from editors over at Cnet, not from zdnet.

      How about "Microsoft promises fix for Surface Pro 3 display issue that gives false positive to non-existent overheating"
      • "This kind of fanatical anti-microsoft title"

        Certainly unusual; zdnet is noted for it's PRO M$ bias ... that's why you fanbois are here, isn't it?

        But knowing ZDnet, I reckon it's just clickbait or careless. Nothing exciting.
        • re: zdnet is noted for it's PRO M$ bias


          is that what you really have to convince yourself of in order to support your agenda?

          honestly we are in an article about an unknown ipad of unknown screen size doing unknown multitasking running unknown "business" apps and talking about it becoming the success in business that apple needs.

          seems like a rather optimistic article about so many nonexistent things to find success, don't you think?

          can you point out any such articles in ZDNet about Microsoft? It is painfully easy to find them about Apple.
        • What about you?

          I am assuming, based on phonetics that "fanbois" was just your inability to spell the insult you intended as "fan boys." You're welcome.

          That being said, since it's so clear why we're here, why are you here? Troll?
    • don't understand your comment

      MSFT themselves communicated that some of the i7SurPro3 are self-rebooting due to thinking it is overheating since its temp is overly warm. So it is a fix for an overheating issue, it will stop the device from restarting when the overwarming is misinterpreted as overheating.