Microsoft weighs new names for its TechEd conference successor

Microsoft weighs new names for its TechEd conference successor

Summary: Microsoft is surveying select users and partners about what it should name its unified IT pro show slated for next year. Here are the names said to be on the short list.


Microsoft is surveying select customers and partners about what it should name its new catch-all conference that is replacing TechEd and a number of other product-specific shows.


Microsoft officials announced in July that the company is consolidating its TechEd, Microsoft Management Summit, SharePoint, Lync and Exchange conferences into a single, new unified tech conference that will be held in Chicago. The new IT-Pro-focused event is slated for the week of May 4, 2015.

According to some of those surveyed, Microsoft's short list of names under consideration for the new show include:

  • Microsoft Current
  • Microsoft Co:
  • Microsoft Forsee (not sure if that's a typo)
  • Microsoft 4C
  • Microsoft GO
  • Microsoft Tomorrow
  • Microsoft Spark
  • Microsoft Unity

Microsoft's Build and Worldwide Partner Conferences will remain separate events. As to what happens to TechEd Europe in 2015, "we have nothing more to share at this time," a Microsoft spokesperson said earlier this year.

Any of these sound like a winner? Or any other write-in candidates you'd suggest, Microsoft show-goers?

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  • Confereence Name Suggestions

    Microsoft One Conference.
  • New Name is the Same as an Old One

    C'mon already... just call it TechEd - a nice generic name that demonstrates that it is what it is: a technical education conference that has a long history.
    • Yup

      Good point. TechEd is a great name and they've already invested good money in making us all know exactly what it is.
  • DSP Conference

    "Do Something Productive" Conference. As name suggest it seems like Microsoft is all about productivity. As opposed to Apple which is all about Hype.
    Sean Foley
    • Funny, I didn't see anything about Apple in the article

      no hint at it, whatsoever actually. You trolling?
      • well,

        Can't call him a troll if it's true. Lol
    • I am no apple fan

      but they make nice trend setting products at least. MS just copies whatever they've fallen behind on.
  • How about

    Tech By Day, Beer by Night
    Buster Friendly
    • I'd go with that

  • Keep it simple

    Microsoft Tech Conference. Do they really a need a catchy name if the conference is improtant enough for people to attend?
  • Heres an idea

    TechEd - sounds familiar and it has a nice ring to it!
  • Why not just give it a straightforward name?

    These things don't need all kinds of marketing hype - they attract all the attention they already name. It will be clearer to conference goers if it just gets a straight ahead name.

    The other shows are called "Build" and "Partner"... just call this one "Ops", since that is pretty much what it is about.
    • darned edit button

      "attention they already need" not "already name"
  • How about new names for the products?

    Windows RT? Worst name in the history of product naming.
    "Modern" app? Really awful name.
    Windows Store app? Really goofy name.
    Surface? Okay, even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while.
    Lumia? Great name! But of course that was Nokia.

    Here's a thought: Have the new Nokia folks who came up with the name "Lumia" rename all Windows products and conferences!
    • How about

      How about stick to the topic?
      Buster Friendly
  • Microsoft Professional

    And yeah get the Nokia Branding Team to rename all the Microsoft Products, especially removing 'Windows' from consumer products.
  • One conference

    What about MS One conference. After all, it is now one conference and one MS...
  • Microsoft Curmudgeon

    sounds more like the truth
  • Confidentiality

    I guess some of the people who completed the survey missed where they agreed to keep the contents confidential.
    • I thought you were suggesting a name

      that they know Google couldn't use