New Facebook phone reportedly to be unveiled

New Facebook phone reportedly to be unveiled

Summary: Making its run in the rumor circles for years now, Facebook has sent out a media invite to their California headquarters on Thursday, April 4, entitled "Come See Our New Home On Android".

Facebook's “Come See Our New Home On Android” invitation.
Facebook's "Come See Our New Home On Android" invitation.

Rumored to be a collaboration between Taiwan's HTC, the Facebook phone is smartphone whose software is a customized version of the Google Android 4.2 OS. According to sources, this smartphone will reportedly have 4.3-inch screen, 5 MP rear camera and 1.6 MP front camera for video calls, and 16 GB of storage. No details on the price as of yet as the smartphone will be built into Facebook’s features and services, and is intended to increase user's mobile access to Facebook.

The real question is whether this second attempt between HTC and Facebook will be a success, as their first attempt in 2011 with the ChaCha and Salsa phones was considered a failure, and sales were consequently discontinued after a few months.

That being said, of the more than 1 billion users of Facebook, 680 million users access Facebook via mobile devices. Naturally, this is a niche area and market for Facebook to dive into and make a name.

However, almost every smartphone now already has Facebook access, either pre-installed or downloadable as an app. Would consumers really embrace a new Facebook-driven smartphone, throw away their old ones, and buy a new one?

In recent months, the aura of Facebook and its dominance in social media has been tapering off. Many users no longer find Facebook to be as enjoyable and relaxing as it first was, more so as other social media networks have appeared, such as Tumblr.

Furthermore, users are beginning to realize that at the end of the day, in some cases having a very active Facebook profile can in fact go against you, both in personal and professional directions.

We've all heard the stories of the employees who call in sick on a Friday, only to be tagged in a drinking party picture on Saturday, and then fired by Monday. It's not just the pictures that speak a thousand words, as most human resource departments do in fact login to Facebook to determine a candidate's fit within an organization.

On the contrary, it's also been said having no social media presence can also go against you. That is, if you can't be found anywhere online, are you a social deviant and do you have something to hide? Clearly, a balance and fine line between personal and professional needs to be drawn when using Facebook.

In regards to the Facebook phone, personally I feel it would just consume my day with updates and posts, which I can do without during normal business hours. Then again, I'm quite content with the Facebook app I have on my phone, so I won't be rushing out to buy a Facebook phone to begin with.

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  • Facebook Phone?

    Why on earth would anyone want this???
    John Shue
    • Facebook Phone

      This is a great phone for the millions of cell users that primarily use their phones on facebook. Social network sites are able to do more and more. Facebook is trying to step up their game and take it to the next level. This site shows more details of what this phone can do.
    • Because elsewhere on earth already has them?

      Maybe not this exact phone, but I saw "Facebook Phones" marketed in Asia a few years ago. For many, FB is the entirety of their digital identity, it is the epitome of personal technology. For them, this device focuses on what they use while de-emphasizing other features many of us find more useful.
  • No Thanks

    I am content to just use the app thats on my current phone. I have the DNA and it is the best phone ever, I dont need a phone made for facebook. Facebook gets in my way now as it is.
  • fb suks!

    There! I said it.
  • Reply Fb Suks!

    Facebook is a tool that can be useful to anyone. If you don't know how to use it or don't have any friends it might suck. But this phone is meant for a certain audience of heavy facebook users who get everything from news to entertainent on facebook. Keep an open mind.