Nokia builds maps momentum, lands Oracle deal

Nokia builds maps momentum, lands Oracle deal

Summary: Nokia has some geolocation mojo. Can the company leverage map success into more smartphone sales?


Nokia's overlooked assets---its geolocation and mapping services---are cobbling together some momentum.

The latest burst of activity for Nokia's map business is a deal with Oracle, according to the Wall Street Journal. In short, Oracle will provide Nokia's mapping data in its applications. Oracle needed some option since Google wasn't going to cut it after a stinging courtroom loss for Larry Ellison and the gang.


Meanwhile, Nokia maps also got a plug from Apple CEO Tim Cook in his apology over iOS 6 mapping.

For a company where expectations are generally low, Nokia will take any good news it can get. And on the map front, Nokia has some mojo. Nokia partnerships include:

  • Amazon.
  • Microsoft.
  • Yahoo.
  • Oracle. 
  • Groupon.

Now the Oracle deal, which is expected to be announced Monday, isn't a huge win Nokia does find a new audience. If Nokia's maps fly with the enterprise, perhaps tech execs will go for the company's Windows Phone 8 devices too. With Oracle, Nokia's geolocation business will have solid enterprise distribution to go along with its Microsoft partnerships on maps.

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Sure it's a stretch but you never know.

Should Nokia continue to land map deals it will have an asset it can always sell to bolster its balance sheet. Perhaps it'll even garner a return on its Navteq purchase, which topped the $8 billion mark.

Mapping is a major battleground for smartphone makers. Nokia finds itself with a rare edge on the geolocation front. The strategy for Nokia is also clear: Partner with everyone not named Google.

It's unclear whether Nokia can press its map advantage into other parts of the market, but the company has something it can build on.

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  • Good for Nokia. Their maps are 100x better than googles

    I would continue to license them to more partners too. If it werent for the WP8 thing Im sure Apple would have been all over it.
    Johnny Vegas
  • Go Nokia

    Nokia Maps are one of the best!
    • We will see more topics soon

      Worlds leading premium car manufacturers, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Wolksvagen were going to use Nokias maps and services. There are coming a lot of significant innovations with this sector.

      These manufacturers are accustomed to being at the forefront of development. Co-operation with them will strengthen Nokias position.
  • Nokia n Oracle.. A powerful alliance..

    With recent apology from Tim Cook about Apple maps it will definitely be a Game changer for Nokia. Apple asking users to hook on to Google maps or Bing Maps will definitely make Nokia to capitalize on this space n with oracle deal, its just got better for them.
    Undoubtedly Nokia maps are going to be the best.
  • Nokia Should Become A Mapping Conpany

    First stop, an IOS app would be an obvious plan.
  • Nokia builds maps momentum, lands Oracle deal

    The death of Nokia has been greatly exaggerated.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • RE: Nokia builds maps momentum, lands Oracle deal

      From the article:
      "Oracle will provide Nokia's mapping data in its applications.

      You forgot to ask why Nokia didn't use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 which provides support for spatial data. This is a slap in the face to Nokia's business partner Microsoft.
      Rabid Howler Monkey
      • Reverse That

        I think you read that backwards (admittedly, a poorly-constructed sentence, all too sadly par for the course): Nokia is providing data to Oracle, not Oracle providing hosting/storage for Nokia. Check the linked article; it's a bit clearer.