Office 365 free for a year for iPad owners (3 days only)

Office 365 free for a year for iPad owners (3 days only)

Summary: The iPad world is abuzz with the official release of Office for iPad. The apps are free but limited unless you have an Office subscription. Microsoft is giving subscriptions away to some iPad owners in a promotion.


If you went anywhere on the web today you know that Microsoft has released Office for iPad, consisting of three separate apps. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint are free apps available in the Apple app store. While free, they are limited unless you have an Office subscription plan, including the Office 365 subscription that is $99.99 per year.

Free O365
(Image: Microsoft)

To promote the big launch, Microsoft is offering a one-year Office 365 subscription to the first 50 customers who bring an iPad into a Microsoft store. There aren't many Microsoft stores, so if you're lucky enough to have one nearby and see iPad-toting folks in your local store you know why.

This is a very good deal and it runs March 28th through March 30th. If you want to save $100 so you can use all the features of Office for the iPad, you may want to hit your closest Microsoft store first thing as these will go fast.

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  • thats for the first 50

    Customers to the store.
    Ram U
    • Nice

      That means I can wait until a minute before the end of the promotion to show up.

      The Microsoft store near me is one level down from an Apple store in a local mall. The Apple store is usually packed and the Microsoft store usually has just the employees playing on the xbox.
    • Hmm

      several hundred bucks to fly to the USA, then hope that I can be one of the first 50, in order to save $99... :-(
  • It says that

    • i saw that, but wanted to reiterate.

      Ram U
  • What !

    Microsoft have stores ?
    Alan Smithie
    • Not here

      the nearest store to me is about an 8 hour flight away.
  • I thought that ship had sailed...

    "Office for iPad is basically a market that doesn't exist, and that will become evident immediately if and when Office for iPad appears."
    • It will be the #1 app on iPads within a day or two...

      It will be the #1 app on iPads within a day or two...
      • Definitely...

        ...looks great, if you own an iPad. It is free to use, so the 3 apps will definitely be in the Top 10 free apps. How many will pony up and pay for the Office 365 subscription? I think the Office 365 user base will grow significantly because of this. There is also a $70 a year option for tablet users, not sure what that gets you.
  • The Office 365 perpetual cost will kill it for casual users.

    Clearly Microsoft isn't looking for widespread adoption, they want high-paying business customers only. I expect there will be some other "deals" offered for customers already shelling out millions in license fees to Microsoft every year, but for the great majority of users this won't be an option.
    terry flores
  • Microsoft store aye

    first fifty per store, hardly generous, unless you happen to be less than a 12 hour ($1000) plane ride away :) hardly generous, just gimmicky.

    Similar to offering minimal functionality for free, so as to hook a paid subscription for usefulness from the recipient, once again gimmicky.

    Now look at my fully functional death star (iWorks) cost .............
  • avoiding the 30% apple tax

    So when the year is up, how does Microsoft steer the iPad user away from subscribing from within the App store?
    • I believe it offers an auto-renew option

      So since it started from outside the App Store, it stays outside the App Store.
  • Got one!

    I got to the store about 15 minutes before it opened up. There were maybe 7 or 8 in front of me. When the store opened there were about 30-40 in line. They handed out the cards, someone took down your cell phone number to add you to a text ad list (which I easily stopped with a simple reply), took your picture with a Windows phone, and that was it. One of the associates noticed a lot of us had iPad minis, and so he briefly told us about a Dell 8" tablet, but that was it. No hard sell at all.
  • What a rip off

    Worst office package ever, $120 subscription just to edit then you can't print or do anything worthwhile. How much do these people want for nothing but crap software. Lot better packages on IPad then this. Don't waste you time and effort.
    • $120?

      It is $99 not $120.
      Ram U
    • How Do You Know This?

      There is no way you could have evaluated the software so quickly, PARTICULARLY since you would never pay the subscription fee. It's a shame folks like you are dissing this without any basis. Obviously, you aren't the target audience anyway - it will be a runaway hit - probably the best selling productivity app before all is said and done.
  • Why would I buy 365?

    Got to the store (my mistake, I saw article heading '3 day' promotion and went Saturday) and there were no more. So I won't use the apps. I'd far rather pay a one shot price for the app and use my own cloud storage. Microsoft can't seem to find a business model that builds customer loyalty.