Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

Summary: Really Apple? The iPad design is so new, so unique, that you can use it to legally ban the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from the EU? I Don't Think So.


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  • Apple wants to keep the Samsung Galaxy Tab--and any other tablet--off the market. Their reasoning? The Galaxy Tab looks too much like the iPad.

    Excuse me? The iPad just looks like a freaking tablet to me. .

    Come on Apple, aren't you a little big to be throwing fits like this? Just because, Android now has 20% of the market, do you really have to try to keep potential competitors out of the marketplace by suing them? I think not.

    Besides, let's get real, a tablet is a tablet, and I'll now show, there's nothing new about your tablet format—especially if you consider how often the idea's been kicked around in toys and fiction,

    Apple iPhone and iPad:  First, let's consider the first iPad, and it's little, but older brother, the iPhone. Yep. Sure enough, it's a tablet. We've all seen it.

  • Next, let's take a look at the 'official' Apple iPad design, which is being used in the lawsutt. It looks pretty darn generic right? Surely, oh surely, someone's built something that had a similar design don't you think? Why yes, yes they have.

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  • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

    While I LOVE the iPad, I couldn't agree with you more. Let the competition (so far pretty anemic) continue. The chase will inspire Apple to greater things. Great job on the photo collection!
    • Huh?

      None of these designs looks anything at all like the iPad. No wonder Apple is blowing away the competition. This is what happens when you leave design to engineering dorks.
      • Message has been deleted.

      • Just more fools who don't understand what trade dress

        is. Here's something to help them out. Movie props don't count as prior art.
      • You mean...

        ...engineers don't design Apple products? Steve Wozniak would be disappointed to hear that, I'm sure.
        John L. Ries
      • baggins_z, movie props do count as prior art

        Apple patentend the concept of the tablet. They did that without actually making a working protype, just with drawings.

        The guy who created that tablet in Star Trek (DS9, TNG, ect) did the same thing, but took a step farther by making a non working prototype.

        Steve Jobs can't just come along and say the concept was his because he took the idea and made it functional.

        Without that original tablet design, would jobs have ever thought about it?
        William Farrell
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)


        Could you please enlighten us where could one purchase some of these Star Trek tablets?

        Of course, if Steve Jobs stole their design, they could sue Apple, yes? Why nobody has done that yet?
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        who do you think engineered all the modern wonders that you see all around you? some apple gods? engineering and engineers are the visionaries here, whatever name you call them. engineering *&^%.
      • danbi, Paramont would not sue Apple, or anyone over taking their ideas

        and making them actual products. Gene Roddenberry actually encouraged this, and that stipulation was required for all future based Star Trek related material.
        Tim Cook
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        @ baggins_z

        Wrong. It's conceptual. It's a shame the sci-fi writers and designers didn't patent all this stuff first...
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        @RationalGuy So, you mean to say little elephant and big elephant both are different species? :) growup mate!
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        Your not to bright I see. Apple is suing samsung over the concedpt of a square with an lcd in it. technically then Apple stole the concept from the first lcd tv maker and then if it is allowed to stand then all lcd tv makers can sue each other saying patent infringment bringing the fact victrola and rca have had video boxes for decades.
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)


        How about the Jensen's car? Will the people who created the cartoon have the rights to any flying car that is ever actually built?

        One of the most silly and baseless ideas I have heard in a while.
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        OK, Apple is God.
        Now what else are you going to say?
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        Dude, I think you are the dork here. Or shall I say the dunce. Just who do you think "designed" the iPad. LOL!!

        People, also keep in mind Apple is suing Samsung for "design" similarities. then why didn't they sue every MP3 player manufacturer? And how about laptop competitors? The designs are all so close that its actually not about the design. Its about ease-of-use and application ecosystem. Duh Apple!!
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        @RationalGuy I don't know why they didn't include computers from Fujitsu and Go Computing... they look more like what we think of a tablet today
        Roque Mocan
      • Who do you think designed the keyboard that let you write "DORK"

      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        @RationalGuy Less about engineering dorks and more about Apple fanatics. Apple did nothing design- and computing-wise that wasn't done before. It was their cult-like following that helped sell the iPad. Before them several companies made tablets but because none of them have customer fanaticism working for them they are described (mostly by journalists) as failures.
    • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

      @dshepord <br>They forgot to put the Tablet Pc . Apple didnt invent anything, they just took the Tablet pc. Make it tinner and remove lots of functionality, like the pencil input and the printer port
      • RE: Apple iPad design - it's been done before (images)

        @SylvainT +1
        I can't believe they forgot the Tablet PC xD