Image Gallery: Close-up look at Samsung's first sliding laptop computer

Image Gallery: Close-up look at Samsung's first sliding laptop computer

Summary: LAS VEGAS -- Yesterday, Samsung unveiled the "first tablet sliding PC." Straight from the showroom floor at CES 2011, here's a closer look.


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  • If you have to pick a category, this machine definitely falls more on the netbook side of the spectrum than a tablet. For those who like to navigate on touch screens but prefer physical keyboards for productivity, this might be the laptop for you.

  • Powered by an unspecified Intel Atom Oak Trail processor with 2GB of onboard memory, navigation was a tad slow (about 10-15 seconds opening up a photo viewing application), but once the programs were opened, it seemed to be smooth sailing. Graphics on the glossy display were fairly vibrant, especially on the widgets menu that can be navigated by touch or using the mouse pad.

  • One of the most interesting yet odd applications was the e-reader program. Samsung reps demonstrated flipping through a magazine, using the December issue of Marie Claire magazine with Emma Watson on the cover. The cover is actually live, showing Watson move from pose to pose while smiling. It literally looked like the moving photographs out of a Harry Potter film. Intriguing, different and perhaps the future of digital publishing.

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  • I think I'd always want the keyboard out,

    which would make the tablet capability pointless.
    Actually I do find tablets pointless...
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