Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

Summary: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2 in photos

TOPICS: iPad, Mobility

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Topics: iPad, Mobility

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  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    SHEESH, no comparison, the iPad2 is way better. It looks like the Xoom is about to exceed maximum density parameters.
    Wayne Bennett
    • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

      @Wayne Bennett Flip through to the picture that shows the kindle screen. On that one, the Xoom looks better. I think it's because of the darker screen that Xoom has compared to the ipad that makes it look on the surface that the ipad's screen is better.
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    Visually no comparison ipad wins
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    I know pictures can tend to mislead but the iPad display screen resolution, clarity, brightness and off angle viewing capability all appear far superior to the XOOM tablet display.
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above. I've been waiting to see how the two of these devices shake out and now I can see it's time to stop waiting and go get in line for a brand spankin new iPad 2. There's simply no comparison.
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    I wouldn't be so sure. Photos can be/are misleading. Also for me Flash accleration and GPS w/o 3G/4G are vital pluses to Xoom. If anything I'd wait for the Samsung GTab 10.1 and then do a side by side of all 3. After looking at the iPad2 I decided there was nothing there to compell me to upgrade from my original. I am actually more intested in what Android tablets/apps can do that iPad can't. Walking/driving around with a 10.1" 3D, GPS augmented mapping app is one.

    Also you need to check out movie playback. I really like the Xoom widescreen display for this.
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    Where's the comparison? All I see are a couple of photos. How about head-to-head comparisons of processor speed, running multiple apps, connectivity (both wired/wireless), etc.
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    That's right ajrmd. All the flaws with the iPad 2 are now surfacing. What people forget is that the Xoom was built when the iPad (NOT iPad 2) was the King of Tablets, but all that I see is the Xoom vrs the iPad 2. I like stainless screws to hold down my device not glue. I love my Xoom.
  • Waiting for Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1

    Motorola always had the screen issue.
    Moto screens are not that bright compared with competetors..
    I had compared samsung phone with moto Droid. Samsung won easiely in Screen contrast and brightness.
    Alas Samsung is not releasing the tab 10.1 till June. :(
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    Who ever took those pics did everything they could to make the Xoom look inferior to the iPad 2. They did NOTHING to highlight the Xoom's advantages. This site is often ridiculously biased towards Apple products. I doubt the brightness was even turned up all the way on the Xoom. Android automatically dims the screen to save battery based on your current lighting conditions. Android usually has this turned on by default. I have my phone set up to ONLY do this when the battery drops below 30%, not all the time which was the default setting. I doubt iPad even has advanced option like that.<br><br>Using Apple products is like having an e-mail address...
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    The iPad is a great device, I personally have the first iPad. But of course you should choose a device that best fits your needs.
  • RE: Motorola XOOM vs iPad 2

    to vrmod32,
    If anything, James gave the benefit to the Xoom. The iPad 2 was always in the upper (farther away) position. The Xoom was closer, for easier view of clarity and brightness, and it still lost in almost all comparisons. I don't own either device (yet), but the results of this comparison are clear.