Seven reasons to buy the Nokia Lumia 920

Seven reasons to buy the Nokia Lumia 920

Summary: Nokia revealed their new Lumia 920 flagship device last week and you can rest assured I will be buying one as soon as I can. Here are seven reasons to consider the Nokia Lumia 920.

Seven reasons to buy the Nokia Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 920 was shown off in New York last week and after checking out all of the coverage, I can say without a doubt that I will be purchasing one as soon as they are released. The color I choose will depend on which carrier(s) in the US get the high end Lumia, but with three carrier contracts I know at least one of my carriers will get the device. Based on just what we know so far, Microsoft was very tight lipped about Windows Phone 8, I have seven main reasons I think the Lumia 920 is the device for me.

Reason one: PureMotion HD+ display

The Nokia Lumia 900 has a ClearBlack display and some testing earlier this year revealed that the Lumia 900 has a better outdoor display than the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S. Nokia is now taking that ClearBlack display technology to the next level and showed us all their PureMotion HD+ technology that looks to be the leading display on smartphones today.

The PureMotion HD+ display automatically adjusts to sunlight glare, has those gorgeous deep blacks, provides super smooth scrolling through pixel translation speeds that are 2.5x faster than other phones, and works with fingernails, fingertips, and fingers covered with gloves. Yes, you can use your Nokia Lumia 920 in winter with gloves on without needing anything special in the gloves or any other gimmick. This new display just works and does so in nearly any environment you need. I recommend you read the white paper on the display (PDF link) to learn more about the technology.

Reason two: PureView camera technology

The Nokia 808 PureView sets the bar for all camera phones and really stands alone. Nokia's Lumia 920 doesn't have as much of that amazing technology, but it still has been shown to be an outstanding camera and when the device gets out of the prototype stage you can bet that reviewers will thoroughly test the camera. Nokia has an interesting white paper (PDF link) on the details of the camera technology used in the Lumia 920. As Nokia states this is the second phase in PureView technology and includes some of the core pieces such as high performance Carl Zeiss optics and powerful image processing algorithms. Low light performance is a major feature in this new camera, along with video image stabilization.

Reason three: Nokia Maps

Nokia Maps is the best service Nokia has ever offered and I use it on several different platforms. I love the functional offline maps and GPS navigation features in Nokia Maps Drive on my Lumia 900 and in the Lumia 920 Nokia improves that experience by rolling in several of the utilities that you can get now on the Lumia 900 and is taking Nokia Maps offline as well. You will find offline map support with free turn-by-turn navigation, daily commute and local traffic reports, Nokia Transport for public transit schedules, and Nokia City Lens for augmented reality discovery.

Reason four: Windows Phone 8

I would probably have placed this higher in my list if Microsoft would have allowed Nokia to actually show it off, but it seems Microsoft is running a bit behind on the software so manufacturers are not able to give demos yet. We have seen eight new platform improvements coming in Windows Phone 8 and there are still many details remaining to be revealed. I look forward to seeing what Nokia does with NFC since they have been using it well on their Symbian devices and accessories. The new Start screen looks fantastic for the way I use my Windows Phones and WP8 just cannot get here fast enough for me.

Reason five: Qi wireless charging

I know this is not a huge feature, but it is something unique that distinguishes the Nokia Lumia from other Windows Phone 8 devices. I really appreciated the convenience of Qi charging with my Droid Charge and have been hoping there would be another manufacturer using this standard so I could pull out my pad and use it again. Nokia showed off several accessories that take advantage of this wireless charging technology and I am excited to try some out. The partnership deals with coffee shops is excellent and I hope we see more of these moving forward too.

Reason six: Nokia Music

Nokia Music just launched late last week for US Lumia owners and I have been using it every day since then. I am working on an article comparing it to the Zune Pass and other subscription services, but the big deal here is that it is FREE for Lumia owners. If you enjoy music, then getting a free service like this can provide significant regular savings to your smartphone ownership costs.

Reason seven: Color selection

Again, this may not mean much to many people, but I personally like having color options for my devices and plan to purchase the yellow Lumia 920 as long as it is supported on one of my carriers. Even if Nokia doesn't sell a ton of the yellow models, I think bold colors like this will help get people into the stores and generate conversation around the device, which is exactly what Nokia needs to do to gain marketshare.

Nokia looks to be doing everything possible to help Windows Phone succeed and make sure they are around to compete in the smartphone space. I don't know what else people were expecting from Nokia or Windows Phone 8, but in my opinion they went above my expectations with unique features such as the amazing display and Qi wireless charging.

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    Unfortunately, the OS you're talking about here is still VAPOURWARE! That's why developers can't get hold of the SDK, not even in prerelease form. Microsoft hasn't finalized crucial details of how the system is even supposed to work.

    Wait until they can show off something a little closer to an actual shipping product before committing to shelling out your hard-earned cash.
    • SDK is a non-issue

      When it comes to building platforms and SDK if MSFT declares themselves to be #2 in the world no one dares to instead claim the #1 spot. That's how head-and-shoulder-above-others MSFT is in that arena, so rest assured the SDK will be just fine.
      • I do miss that bright light blue color tho

        They should bring that one over from 900 to 920.
        • Don't forget all the cool color matching wireless accessories!

          I think we will definitely see the Cyan Lumia 920 as a carrier exclusive. The hardware ecosystem that surrounds a device is really important too and Nokia and JBL showed off a ton of cool NFC and Qi wireless accessories. And if the rumors are true that all Windows Phones will have the microUSB slot in the same location then accessory manufacturers and others will be able to build compatibility for all WP8 devices around a universal standard.
        • ....

          I think this could be one of the ways Nokia is choosing to keep the previous Lumia's current. Both L800 and L900 Cyan models were quite popular.

          Windows Phone 7.8 is Nokia/ Microsoft maintaining decent support for their products...

          If done again, do you really think Nokia would have much choice in the matter? Launching the Lumia Range when they did has helped put Windows Phone on the map in two very important markets; US & China.
          Now with the Lumia 820 & 920 both incl. WP8, they can reach a much more aware audience.

          And to be fair, both 800 and 900 model Lumia's stand as decent smartphones in their own right, even without WP8...
          • Seven reasons to buy the Nokia Lumia 920

            if nokia regain its original market share outside the us, m$ phone will have a banner year ahead of it... besides being huge, those markets are growing in double digits, particularly the asian market.
      • Really?

        Apple and Google would laugh at your comment.
        • Well Actually

          I don't think they would. Just because it's been done, doesn't mean it won't be a very efficient tool for either Nokia or Microsoft in gaining traction and general awareness.

          I think if I saw Apple or Google laughing it would most definitely be on the outside only...
        • and Sony and Nintendo

          Laughed when the XBox was released......
      • If MSFT declares themselves to be #2 in the world?

        Someone in that establishment must be smoking and drinking.
        Microsoft had better stick to manufacturing the software and stay out of the hardware arena.
        • but Why not in hardware arena?

          Suppressing competition is a looser's attitude. If they really have some ideas of their own, why not step in and give it to the world. btw, Do you work for Acer?
      • Re: SDK is a non-issue

        Consider why it’s a big issue: the OS has to ship with some built-in apps, right? How do you build apps for that OS? Why, with the SDK, of course. So if the SDK is not ready, that means the built-in apps are not ready. And if they’re not ready, then the OS isn’t ready. QED.
        • Re : SDK is a non-issue

          Umm in case if you watched the live conference video you would know that CNN, Flixster, etc Plus the Camera Lens Apps were shown, which means that the SDK was released & without that their marketplace would not touch 100k apps for WP8 only.
        • um.. you seem to forget something

          @Ido17 All current WP7 applications still run fine on WP8, so developers can develop using WP7.1 SDK now. So day 1, we have 100,000 good applications available plus some additional through the limited WP8 SDK

          You may miss fart applications developed in WP8 SDK, but you can enjoy those developed in WP7.1 SDK
    • Um, no.

      UI wise it's an incremental improvement over Winphone 7.5 and then 7.8. Under the hood lots of things changed, but I think we can be pretty confident about the user experience. And given the similarities with Windows RT and Metro, I'm not particularly worried about the apps either.
      Han CNX
    • By that same token

      IOS 6 is vaporware as is Blackberry OS 10 and yet peple are talking about it and planning purchases based on articles like this one about WP8/ Win 8.

      IOW what exactly is your point?
      • divergent token

        ((( "By that same token IOS 6 is vaporware..." )))

        Developers have had access to the iOS 6 SDK for three months.
      • Exactly

        Is it required to even mention anything else at this point?
    • Umm...

      You can't shell out money for the device yet precisely because it's not released/ready.

      Try to pay attention and not point out the obvious.
      • hey there....!!!

        hi....i dont want to offend u but when NOKIA makes us wait iv'e seen in past it comes out with a bang....when nokia was planning to release N8 me n my friend were too planning to buy a cell ph. frnd in a hurry bought N97 n i waited for a month....n then there i had....n u can compare them....they were approximately equally priced but N8 very much superior...n i can bet on this NOKIA will gives us another bang....
        Tushar Varshney