The new iPhone: What you won't see from Apple today

The new iPhone: What you won't see from Apple today

Summary: Today is the big iPhone announcement and the pundits will be out in force telling us all about it. There has been much speculation over what Apple will announce. What makes Apple so successful is what they won't show us today.

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The big Apple event goes down today, and if it's not an iPhone event the folks in Cupertino have pulled a big joke on everybody. The iPhone 5, or whatever Apple officially calls the new smartphone, will be unveiled and then quickly dissected by pundits to tell us what it all means. Like all Apple events this one will be epic and what we won't see today is what sets the company apart from the crowd.

Whatever is announced by Apple there is one thing you can count on. There will only be one iPhone unveiled. Unlike the competition, Apple keeps its iPhone product line simple. There won't be a cheap iPhone, a mid-line iPhone, and then a top model. There will be one iPhone.

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Sure the new iPhone will be available with different amounts of storage, but that's it. All new iPhones will be the same in every other way. One phone, slightly different prices. This is what sets Apple apart from the entire smartphone space.

All other smartphone makers take the scattergun approach to smartphone lines. They introduce multiple new models to cover the entire range of features and prices. They dilute their own product line in the effort to appeal to everyone. The result is an unclear message to the consumer. Which model is right for me? Which one (if any) should I buy?

Apple figured out a long time ago that the luxury car approach is perfect for the iPhone. You regularly only change it up a little because buyers know it will remain in fashion longer. You only have one current iPhone model at a time. 

To attract the budget minded buyer Apple will do what it always does. It will continue to offer old iPhone models at much lower prices than the new iPhone. This costs them nothing since they are already in production, but they become budget iPhones due to new low pricing.

The new iPhone will be unveiled and yes, there will be lines to buy it. Buyers want the newest phone from Apple and they know the decision will be an easy one. New phone, storage capacity, and that's it. That's why Apple will sell at least 1.5 million new iPhones this weekend. That's why it will be called "the" iPhone. Just one.

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Topics: Apple, iPhone

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  • It's here at last!!

    This is just the most amazing of days, like EVER! As soon as it's over, I'm going to start queuing to get one. I will even wear my Apple T-shirt. I'm so excited. This is simply better than Christmas. Anyone who cannot understand why this day is the most joyous of days simply doesn't get it. This isn't just a phone, it's the iPhone. The single most amazing thing the planet has created. Whilst I realise there were smartphones, and touch screen phones before the iPhone. It took the hand of Steve Jobs to create the miracle that is the iPhone. Steve Jobs isn't just a normal man, he is made of the stars himself. He is a God. Who cares about world hunger, or mass unemployment, Steve created the iPhone! It's about time we started building statues of him, and the building of churches in his name.

    This is truly a holy day. Rejoice people, rejoice!
    • completely agree

      just make sure all the statues are of same shape, size, color, material etc :-)
    • go forth and go multiply yourself

      go forth and make apple babies.

      I do hope your are joking, because i do know some Apple people to be that crazy and next they are into the LSD. Apple is a gateway drrug to other harder drugs.
    • Cheer up!

      I think what you really meant to say is, "Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!" :)
    • AMEN!

      Check out my worship of Steve Jobs parody.
    • bozzer - u r worshipping idol

      unbelievable bozzer. when u die, u dont take iphone with you to the grave. U r either atheist or stupid or both. Iphone is not God and neither was Steve Job.
      • Re: bozzer - u r worshipping idol

        No worse than any other God, then...
    • I have started a petetion.....

      and have planned a march on Washington demanding a new official holiday be added to the calendar in honor of Apple and Steve Jobs.
      We already have several local companies that give their employees the day off every time Apple announces a new product so they can thoroughly enjoy the event w/o distraction.
      This is America and I only wish the event had been yesterday to show the terrorists they didn't win and that the new iphone is proof!
      • I endorse that

        we should make a chapel and pray to hi for the folks staying in apple have the guts to create without fearing....

        Trust me that iPhone 6 will be the same thing...
    • what???

      A great phone my friend but you have lost all sense of reality...maybe you never had it when you were born
    • ZDnet has become the most interesting place

      were people just wait for the first opinion and no matter what and what the rest thing the game is about take a different position and the game starts back and forth... back and forth... i say... you say.. and so on and so forth...

      Point is
      Apple that like apple will ALWAYS love apple... (like me... I have been apple since the apple ii and i will die apple...
      Who loves android and samsung and others.... always will loves android and samsung and others....

      it is not better one than another... I have become to appreciate differences.... the ONLY reason I will not buy -by those days- a samsung s3 for example is because is MADE OF CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP PLASTIC and it looks like a TV... yes the size is totally wrong...

      Would you prefer a car made by plastic? think about it.
      • Being honest

        the only thing and i do not appreciate is windows.... THEY ONLY WAY TO BE WHAT THEY WANTED TO BE IS THIS:


  • That's how Apple does it, but

    if it weren't for the competition, Apple consumers would have sticked with the 3.7 inch screen for ever and a day. And with one iPad format. Other companies set a wide range of products in the market and let the consumers decide what they want. I did not like the iPads size and weight, but find a 8.9 inch tablet the perfect compromise. And now Apple has seen that apparently consumers want bigger phones and lighter tablets - if it's correct what is rumoured - and they follow. That's different from what they used to do, so I'm a bit surprised to read that Apple is great because of it's product strategy.
  • One more Apple fanatic

    ok, lets check the product lines..BMW / Merc of the world have different product lines! TVs, refrigerators have diff lines, cameras, computers, laptops..have diff product lines..the consumers across the globe do not earn same X dollors that is why diff product lines exists at all levels (so called cheap ones to even most luxurious ones), in hotel industry u have presidential suites and the *others*.
    so i fail to understand what is so good about one product line here..this in fact will spell the doom for IXYZ in future.

    i hope GOD should have created one human product line with same brains filled with i so that everyone can appreciate it!

    Wake up ZDNET..oh ZDNET has only one iWriter line, is it?
    • You Beat Me To It

      The author is making up stuff to fit his theory:

      "Apple figured out a long time ago that the luxury car approach is perfect for the iPhone."

      MB has over a dozen models. In the US, BMW sells 11 models in over 70 configurations (not including major options such as all-wheel drive). This author of the article is a . . . .
      • Benz?

        MB has a bunch of different models in its lineup - yes indeed it does. And that is why MB is not Rolls...
      • BMW, Mercedes...

        Are these the luxury cars you know?

        These are just everyone's cars.. go travel in (say) Germany.

        Heck, in my country, the most typical car driven by a gipsy is an Mercedes! BMW is the choice of the "easy money" guys... and so on.
  • A budget iPhone is a missed oppertunity!

    How is an "old" model preferable to a "new" model? Even if the new model is technically the same spec.
  • Todd Bottom where are you

    You are really needed here.
    • I'm right here

      Everything James Kendrick wrote is absolutely true (except for the luxury car bit, not sure what he was smoking when he wrote that).

      I might not be remembering it quite correctly but I believe it was McDonalds that decided people thought they wanted a lot of choice when they went to a fast food restaurant but it actually just confused them. Early on, McDonalds decided to really simplify their menu, take away choice, and it worked. Apple knows that choice confuses people so they don't give it to you. Looking at the profits of both McDonalds and Apple, it seems to work.

      So James is totally right. Apple will only announce 1 iPhone compared to Nokia that announced 2 Lumias (which one is right for me? aaargh, so confused, will just buy iPhone instead). There will be lines to buy it and Apple will sell at least 1.5 million iPhones this weekend (probably a conservative estimate). I might even read about it on my smartphone - an iPhone 4.