Thinner iPad, Retina display iPad mini on deck for holiday season

Thinner iPad, Retina display iPad mini on deck for holiday season

Summary: The smartphone and tablet maker is will unveil a new iPad in November in line with previous years, according to a report, in order to hit the December holiday season hard.

(Image: CNET)

Apple is preparing to end the year with a fresh line-up of its iPhone and iPad devices in efforts to take the December holiday season by storm.

According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology giant will release new versions of its popular tablets around November, in line with last year's release.

The full-sized 9-inch iPad will fit into a thinner body, while the smaller 7-inch iPad mini will feature a high-resolution Retina display as seen in earlier larger iPad models.

The December quarter is the most important three-month period of the year for Apple, where sales are typically far higher. Last time around, iPhone sales carried Apple's first quarter, drumming up 47.8 million smartphone sales, up from 37 million from the same quarter a year earlier. 

Meanwhile, worldwide tablet shipments slowed in the second quarter, according to latest IDC figures, putting further pressure on the iPad maker to counter the effects of "tablet fatigue."

An iPhone event is also slated for September 10, according to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal. It comes just months after iOS 7, Apple's latest mobile operating system, was unveiled at its WWDC 2013 developer conference in June. 

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  • Hmm

    What is this? Seems like just an advertisement for other peoples articles. You should title it, news you already knew.
  • resolution independence

    It seems some of the changes in iOS 7 are related to making the OS independent on device display resolution -- so we might well see new devices with resolutions not x2 of previous versions.
    • Resolution independence? What a cute feature

      You'll like it. It is a nice feature. I've been enjoying it on my Microsoft products for years now.
      • Re: I've been enjoying it on my Microsoft products for years now.

        You mean, those Microsoft products that come in a range of screen sizes from 3.2" up to over 20", and pixel densities from 120dpi up to 440dpi?

        Oh wait, that's Android.
  • Retina...

    I know I'm in the minority here, but super duper high res screens really don't do that much for me. If I were an iOS person I'd probably be a lot more excited about the prospect of a processor upgrade on the iPad mini than a higher density screen.
  • Sorry apple, I've moved on.

    Tried the ipad thing, worst tablet ever made and it had nothing to do with thickness or resolution.

    My Surface RT is better in every way that counts.
    • Except in apps, comprehensible UI

      (supported) third party add ons, browser speed, browser HTML5 compatiblity.... though IE11 will fix much of that, admittedly.
      • Haven't noticed

        apps: What apps am I missing that I don't realize I'm missing? I do have Office, an app I noticed missing from my ipad so where it counts, the Surface has BETTER apps support.

        comprehensible UI: Windows 8/RT has a far better UI than the mess that ios has always been. With ios7, apple is moving backwards, it is horrible.

        third party add ons: Now this one is funny considering Surface works with every bluetooth keyboard that works with ipad but also works with every bluetooth mouse (0 support in ios) and many many USB devices. It also works with keyboards that have sensors to turn off the keys when the keyboard is flipped behind the tablet, something ipad has absolutely no support for. 3rd party support is a huge weak point of the ipad.

        browser speed: in lab benchmarks, yes. In the real world, the browser is absolutely fast enough. IE10 on my laptop is far faster than any mobile Safari, does that mean that mobile Safari is too slow?

        HTML5 compatibility: this is an oft repeated lie. apple has implemented NON STANDARD features into their browser. It is not more standards compliant. apple is trying to embrace, extend, and extinguish HTML 5. Don't let them do this.

        Like I said, Surface RT is better in every way that counts. Thanks for letting me prove this again.
        • Microsoft Apologist

          Hopwfully your Surface RT won't be as obsolete as Windows Phone 7 devices were, when Microsoft moved the goalposts - The Surface RT v2 event is soon. Hope you get screwed over.

          Enjoy your Surface RT arse-hat, whilst it lasts :-)
          • Thanks Neil, appreciate the warm wishes

            "Enjoy your Surface RT"

            I do, every day. Best tablet I've ever owned, including my ipad 2 which was the worst tablet I've ever owned.
    • grateful

      Let's put this way, without ipad there would be no android tablet or Windows tablet. I'm at least grateful for it

      The same way I'm grateful for MS for creating the mass market PC market

      We need to be FAIR
      • Simply not true

        I can't speak for Android but ipad had absolutely nothing to do with the Windows tablet. Microsoft has been evolving the useful tablet for a long time now, each iteration better than the last.

        There is nothing ipad about the Windows 8 tablet. On this, both Microsoft haters and more rational people agree 100%.
        • Microsoft tablets

          Microsoft has been peddling tablets for a number of years. They have never gained any traction.
        • Oh Toddy!

          Of course the iPad had nothing to do with the Windows tablet, that's why the Windows tablet has been dismissed by most and the iPad embraced by most as the most LOVED tablet eva'.

          You silly!
          • I know Gr8Music, which is why I wrote this

            "There is nothing ipad about the Windows 8 tablet. On this, both Microsoft haters and more rational people agree 100%."

            So it is the height of stupidity to suggest that the ipad had anything to do with the Surface. There is nothing at all ipaddish about the Surface.

            So why are you calling me silly? We both agree on this. We disagree as to whether or not it is a good thing that the ipad and the Surface are completely different but we do agree that they have nothing in common, right?
          • So

            Would you go as far saying that the surface would be here today if the iPad was never invented? After all the MS tablet "misses" I think not.

            Regardless of what you think, Apple made the tablet market when so many others couldn't.
          • How is Surface fundamentally different from previous iterations?

            One of the big selling points of the Surface is its productivity, the fact that it IS a PC, it has USB ports, it has Office.

            This is what EVERY iteration of a Microsoft powered tablet has been for the last 10+ years. They've taken Windows and they've added things like inking support or touch friendly utilities to try and help the user use what is essentially a PC in a different form factor.

            This is just another iteration. A better iteration, as every iteration has been better than the one before it. There is no ipad in the Surface (or other Windows powered tablets). It is the anti-ipad. Every time you switch to the desktop or plug in a USB device, you are using functions that were specifically left out of the ipad. For you, that is a bad thing and that's fine. For me and millions of others, this is a good thing and that's fine too. The Windows tablet doesn't have to be everything to everybody, right?

            "Apple made the tablet market when so many others couldn't."

            apple made the useless tablet market, true.
          • Oh Toddy!

            This is a "no spin" zone! Nothing you say about surface matters to most. The bottom line is that MS failed, again at the tablet. Apple sells millions of them (even though YOU say they're worthless) and gets a premium price to boot!

            MS sells hundreds of them and then is forced to write them off/mark them down/give them away. MS just doesn't get it that most people don't want to associated tablets with WORK so all the ports and Office make most people NOT want them.

            So I ask again, would you go as far saying that the surface would be here today if the iPad was never invented? NO, MS simply gave-up but was forced back into it by Apple's success.
          • Oh Toddy!

            I've been working and was surprised that you hadn't responded yet. Pro MS blogging is your job! Are you taking lunch?

            Or could it be that you cannot twist this one?? Or, did your RT battery die again???
          • You keep saying the same things

            I've explained how the Surface strategy is the same strategy that Microsoft has used for years: sell the productivity aspect.

            The ipad has changed nothing. You keep going on and on about how Surface has failed but that has nothing to do with the discussion at hand: without the ipad, would the Surface exist?

            My answer is: yes. It has been yes all along and no matter how many times you say "but Surface has failed" it doesn't change the fact that ipad had nothing at all to do with the making of the Surface.

            But if you want to do one more round, go for it.