Brits still keen on the iPhone, despite Android's success

Brits still keen on the iPhone, despite Android's success

Summary: Britain's love affair with Apple products appears to be continuing, as Apple's iOS-based handsets enjoy a greater market share in the UK than globally. Android, however, remains the OS to beat.


Apple's iOS platform is still performing well in the UK smartphone market, despite Android's continuing success, new figures show. 

Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms are the most popular mobile operating systems for the UK's 30.9 million smartphone owners, with 8.9 million devices (28 percent) runing Apple's mobile OS and 14.4 million handsets (46.6 percent) using Android, according to ComScore's most recent MobiLens report on Thursday.

The report, which highlights mobile trends from five European countries, said Android saw a market share increase of 12.4 percent between October 2011 and October 2012, whereas Apple iOS only increased its market share by 1.5 percent. 

Apple's relatively high share of the UK market stands in contrast with global figures from IDC, published in November. IDC put iOS's global market share at 14.9 percent in Q3 of 2012, with Android on a whopping 75 percent.

ComScore's report on the UK, meanwhile, found that BlackBerry is the third most popular mobile operating system with 15.2 percent of the market. Symbian and Microsoft's Windows Phone are fourth and fifth, with 6.4 percent and 3.1 percent, respectively.

ComScore's data, collected between August and October 2012, reports that smartphone penetration in EU5 (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) is now up to 54.6 percent, a 13-percent increase compared to the same time last year. 

Overall, Spain has the highest smartphone penetration in Europe at 63.2 percent, making it nearly 15-percent higher than the EU5 average at 54.6 percent.

Spain also posted the strongest growth over the past year, with a 14.8-percent increase in smartphone ownership. 

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  • Will be interesting to see a year from now

    Will Windows Phone 8 eventually be a success, either due to becoming "the new cool thing to have" or because of the "common" UI across desktops, tablets and phones? Time will tell, and a lot can happen in a year...
    • Will, will, will

      Why microsoft fanboys always are putting the future in their side?
    • Didn't you use that cheap excuse for WP7 too??

      iPhone was a hit before it even came out

      Android wasn't a hit right away, but it had a much better start than WP8.

      On the other hand, WP7 didn't even manage to sell enough to match a release weekend for the iPhone or even most mid-range Android models.

      WP8 is being out for months .... and it isn't even a weak blip on the radar.
      • "Didn't you use that cheap excuse for WP7 too??"

        I've never written anything about WP 7 in this forum. (If you have read any of my posts here, you should have noticed that I always recommend that each consumer should decide what is the best OS/tablet/phone choice for themselves.)
    • I see theo_durcan and wackoae are still vehemently


      Sorry Smalahove - you didn't arrange you reply in the form of a condemnation, therfore you are now labeled a "fanboy" (It's easier for them to digest as opposed to maybe accepting a positive opinion). You are only allowed to have positive thoughts or statements on Apple, and Apple alone.

      Didn't you know that?
      William Farrel
  • Hmm

    Anything to distract from their teeth!
    • Well, well

      That was clearly a super-sized dig at the empire.
  • No surprise there!

    All the smartest pommies moved to Australia! ;-)
    • You are aware Australia has among the highest iOS user base on the planet?

      That is on a per-capita basis. I don't know why but Australia likes iOS more than even the US.
      • Did you see the smiley face with a wink!

        I was having a lend, there probably the slightly smarter poms that came over. ;-)
      • it is very simple

        It is very simple,iOS is convenient,stable, well designed operating system,what makes it very intuitive and easy to use for the people of all kind .
        Maria Davidenko
    • Smart?

      Surely getting caught and transported isn't that smart :)
      Little Old Man