UK's O2 to get first taste of HP's augmented reality via Telefonica deal

UK's O2 to get first taste of HP's augmented reality via Telefonica deal

Summary: Spanish mobile company Telefonica has signed a deal with HP to use the company's Aurasma augmented reality tech across its 25 markets, starting with the UK.


Telefonica has signed up to use augmented reality (AR) from HP.

The Aurasma AR tech, developed by Autonomy and subsequently acquired by HP when it took over the British company last year, will be used by Telefonica to create new marketing offerings.

Aurasma will be integrated into a range of media services to be used by Telefonica's brand and advertiser customers, the Spanish mobile company announced on Monday.

AR allows marketers to bridge the gap between online and offline, typically by means of a mobile app. Once a user views an object through their phone's camera view that the app recognises, the AR superimposes additional content or images over the top. For example, when the phone's camera is pointed at a photo in a company's newspaper advert, the app will recognise the image and show a promotional video over the top of the photo.  

Telefonica will kick off a push to get its users to download the Aurasma iOS and Android app – which has been downloaded four million times since its launch last year – and will use AR in its own marketing campaigns.

Telefonica's UK mobile operator O2 will be the first to start making use of Aurasma, with the tech rolled out to the rest of the company's 25 markets "in due course".

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  • Aurasma marketing opportunities

    Hi there, I saw the amazing opportunity for this app when it first launched. So much so I quickly bought a couple of the domain names with Aurasma in them...Our website design company became a partner for Aurasma enabling us to use their skinned app to develop augmented reality marketing opportunities for our clients. We are currently working towards using the full blown guts of the Aurasma app to create full functioning marketing tools for companies. I only hope that this great app doesn't get stopped from being used by small to medium sized companies like ourselves as I feel it is going to literally change the way we see and look at static print based publications. The humble newspaper, that was dying out with the use of electronic readers could ...If they move in the right directions utilise this technology to bring the news stories to life. They can even be updated after the hard copy has gone to print so the back office of a newspaper if they miss a breaking story could attach a video or image to the front paper banner logo and it plays the updated news..

    Oh the future... Glad O2 have got hold of it though as I have an O2 mobile iphone...