Why I'm in no hurry to get an iPhone 5

Why I'm in no hurry to get an iPhone 5

Summary: Apple has taken the wrapping off the latest iPhone, and while I will probably get one in time I am in no hurry. Thank the carriers for that.

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iPhone 5 Wait

There are obviously a lot of very tired people today, having stayed up late (or wakened early) to preorder the iPhone 5. Every new iPhone sells out early when preorders go live, and indications are the iPhone 5 is no different. It only took 60 minutes for the ship date on new iPhones to move from the one weeks promised to two weeks.

I think Apple nailed the iPhone 5 just right. There is copious grousing on the web about the lack of innovation, but I find the update to be solid. Just adding LTE to the iPhone 5 is a huge step forward, no matter how many other phones already have it. Once you go 4G you don't want to go back, and that's now available on the iPhone.

As much as I like the iPhone 5 I didn't order one like the millions who did. My iPhone 4S is still serving me well even without LTE, and more importantly it is still under contract with Verizon. I don't have an unlimited data plan, I am rocking a Share Everything plan that gives me a 10GB bucket of data to share with my iPhone 4S, iPad 3, and my mobile hotspot device.

The only option available to me to get an iPhone 5 is at full price as my current contract doesn't expire until next year. Since I would likely get a 64GB iPhone 5 (black) that would set me back a staggering $849. My buddy Matt Miller found it worth it to spend almost that much to keep his unlimited data plan, but I'm in no hurry to do the same. I'm reluctant to spend that much on any phone. Even the iPhone 5.

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  • Oh

    I thought you were going to say, because it is only catching up to standard feature sets that Android phones have! Or that the battery is weak and the screen isn't as impressive as say the Galaxy S3, One X, or Galaxy Note.
    • We dont care about your monetary dilemas.

      Yeah you are right. I thought this was going to be technical. Like how the first iterations of any major release will have some problems(e.g., iphone 4 death grip) so its better to wait for the second batch with bugs fixed. This article is a waste of time and does not help in any way whatsoever.
    • Even Loverock Davidson says at that price........

      there is point in wasting his hard earned money......Mayebe Jobs still needs more money or maybe he didn't get a free pass to where ever he went..........
      Over and Out
  • New Smartphone

    Few years ago I jumped ship from iOS (3GS) to Android, and now having been given whole lots of trouble by more than half a dozen higher end droids, I was thinking about going back to iOS. But then I got the chance to play with Lumia 800 for few months, and was totally blown away by OS's simplicity, efficiency, reliability, and consistent performance on an nearly ancient SoC. It gives good run to my SGS III for whatever it is worth for. This has pretty much made me change my mind, and I am just waiting for Lumia 920 to show up so I can grab one. So to sum it up, no thank you I don't want an iPhone ATM. :)
    • Nokia 920 is worth waiting for

      Windows Phone has crossed the feature set of all phones with Nokia Lumia 920. And few more hidden gems in WP8 till its release

      Go Nokia and WP8!
      • Nokia Lumia 920 is like the nice fat chick

        Nice and all but not my thing.

        Why is the Lumia 920 is almost twice as heavy as the iPhone 5?
        • Because...

          it's not a problem for real men. Won't even feel the difference.
        • Nice fat chicks reference...

          Your mama was fat but I still did her. Fat people need loving too!
        • Was wondering when this would come up

          "Why is the Lumia 920 is almost twice as heavy as the iPhone 5?"

          If the Lumia 920 is too heavy for you, you should go to the gym more.
          • NOT ONLY IS IT TOO HEAVY...

            It's unproven. Wait until people discover all the bugs in Windows Phone 8. My last Windows phone was an HTC device with a resistive touchscreen that ran Win Mobile 6.5. Shamefully, it got exactly 30-minutes of battery life in 2007, the same as my Window CE HP Journada did in 2000! It also made calls while in my pocket, even though it was supposed to be locked.

            I will NEVER buy another Windows phone.
          • Not relevant

            Windows Mobile 6.5 isn't really relevant to the current discussion. Top that off with the fact that if you only got 30 minutes out of it you either had a defective one or you are making up stories
          • Exactly. Windows mobile 6.5 dosnt speak to todays issues.

            I actually had an HTC 621 with Windows mobile 6.5 and I rather liked it. I found its level of versatility and the way it was able to do many things very compelling...BUT. Its not in any way competitive or even belongs in a discussion about modern touch screen mobile devices. On its best day the poor old 621 cannot compete with my rather aged iPhone 3G, which already cannot compete with todays current crop of smartphones.

            If WP8 is not completely a different and worlds apart improvement over Windows mobile 6.5 then of course it would be garbage. I at least think that’s not going to be ANY kind of problem.

            Its so disingenuous to dive into a topic like this taking about historical hardware and software in terms of providing some kind of reason to ignore a companies most current offerings. Thye bottom line is, back when WM 6.5 was modern I liked it far much more than RIMs best offerings of the day. There was no droid or iPhone. WM 6.5 was great for its day.
          • It is relevant

            Proven bad engineering makes you think there will be more of it...
          • So it made calls in your pocket!?!? Ha. They all do.

            What a really dumb remark.

            Im only writing this because coincidently I just had a coworker with some droid model that just called me not 20 minutes ago from his pocket. Completly unintentional.

            He called me about an hour ago, and suddenly I get a call from his pocket. SOunds like he was getting into a cab or something. I have accidently called people with my iPhone. In the right circumstances they can all do it. My bosses RIM model calls me 3 or 4 times a year from his pocket.

            I get so so tired of people who try and use pointless dumb examples for so called reasons why a particular thing is no good. I have an iPhone, had it for years and while I have had occasional problems, only occasional over the lengthy time I have had it, it has performed in terms of what I could only call outstanding. I recommend a new iPhone as a likely great smartphone for most users. I will not be likely to go droid on my upcoming decision to upgrade. I know many droid users as do we all, generally good devices with generally happy users, but its also a generally unconvincing device when it comes to a question of potential change.

            I have to have good reason for change. Android has some great things about it, but not quite enough for me to make the switch.

            I may in fact go WP8 once I see some real evidence of just how good it is, I only hear good things so far, but like I said, they have really got to inspire me and even just being real good will not get me to decide against iPone 5 unles the WP8 is not just new, good and interesting but also has something about it I will have to definitivly like better that the iPhone and in my books thats a tall order. Android hasnt quite got there. Maybe WP8 will.

            I will see, and as I simply go with what is best for me with any tech, its going to be up to MS to have done their homework.
          • Not the same

            That's like comparing Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. One was useless the other became the UI that ran until Windows 7.

            I have used several pre-Windows 7 phones and they all sucked. Windows 7 phone changed everything to do with Microsoft phone UI. It really is better then iOS but I still like Android better.
            Rann Xeroxx
          • Which version do you have?

            Windows Phone 7.1, 7.5, 7.1 w/Mango updates, 7.5 w/Mango updates, or Nokia's exclusive version (7.6 w Mango updates)?
            Troll Hunter J
          • Equivalent to....

            This is about like saying that you won't buy a Windows 7 PC because you really hated Windows 3.1

            There is about that much similarity between Windows Phone 7 and anything that bore the name Windows Mobile, and I used 3 or 4 versions of Windows Mobile and liked it...at the time.
        • If you are such a pansy

          That you can tell the difference in weight might I suggest you go to a gym? Golds is great but AmFam isn't too bad either... either way lift something other than that Big Mac.
        • Apple's iPhone 5 is like the nerdy chick

          kinda' uninteresting in reference to all the chicks that came before her.
          William Farrel
          • That's Odd...

            Because I've been hearing over and over again how it's for iSheep, and it's a dumbed down smart phone. You would think that the uninteresting nerd would want a Droid powered phone.
            Torry Murray