2013 in Review: Top 10 products covered on ZDNet Mobile News

2013 in Review: Top 10 products covered on ZDNet Mobile News

Summary: Dozens of laptops, tablets, and other mobile products come through the door each year for review. These 10 made the best impressions in 2013.


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  • Year in Review: Top 10 products covered on ZDNet Mobile News

    Sometimes it seems there's a revolving door at the home office, with laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices constantly arriving and departing. That's a good thing, as it means dozens of items are reviewed over the year to give readers a look at new and innovative products. 

    With so many products covered in 2013, there are a few that were so good they left a lasting impression. The first review included in this list covered two products, so there's actually 11 mentioned in the 10 selected reviews. The 10 listed in this collection are the best of the lot, and in many cases got me to open my wallet.

    Step in the time machine and have a look at the 10 best products reviewed here this year, in no particular order. When multiple articles were written on a given product, all of them will be listed for your convenience.

  • Yoga 8 and 10 Tablets by Lenovo

    The first review in this collection is a two-fer. Lenovo has been making tablets for years, and this year they introduced an innovative design in the Yoga 8 and 10 Tablets. The two tablets, 8 and 10-inch, have an integrated stand and cylindrical grip that impressed me with how useful they are.

    These Android tablets have a solid design, yet Lenovo has kept the price at a very competitive level.


    Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 and 10: Unique design on a budget (hands on)

Topics: Mobility, Laptops, Tablets

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  • Asus Transformer Book T100

    This should be on the list. Latest generation Atom Bay Trail processor with Windows 8.1, Office 2013 and keyboard dock included for less than 400$. And when I say Windows 8.1 it's the real thing, not an RT version.

    I've got one for almost a month now and performance is quite good and battery life in amazing except on stand-by (turning off the screen seems to keep the tablet running and not putting to sleep like ARM tablets do). So I took the habit of shutting down. No big deal as boot time is below 10 seconds anyway.
    • +1 for Asus T100

      Best Atom based Win8 tablet at the moment.
      • I'm not sure James is about reporting anymore

        These rehashed topics seem to be tailored click bait.
  • not a good list, a disappointing effort

    Certainly iPad keyboards should not be on the list, not even close. The products selected by Lenovo are not even Lenovo's best products of the year much less best of all for the year. Maybe the Acer chromebook makes the list but definitely not the Chromebook Pixel. A disappointing effort or perhaps lack thereof.
  • Top ten?

    Not one mention of Microsoft Surface Pro? You should just work for Cnet and Apple.
    • Samsung Ativ 700 as well?

      Not only the MS Surface Pro, but the Samsung i5 transforming tablet needs love.
      My Ativ 700 is now my goto Laptop and tablet and the stylus fits in the tablet unlike the Surface.
      The dock also gives me 2 additional USB ports for USB disks and mice when docked.
      Watch this video with OSX running on an ATIV 700 with pressure sensitive stylus drawing in Photoshop and Sketchbook and then try and tell me about Macbook Air!
      • ah yeh, a link would help :)

        here have a look at this!
  • I hate staggered keyboards!

    When is a major manufacturer going to make a "bold bet" and make vertical keyboards like the Typematrix 2030 available. Once people discover (as I did 15 years ago) that it can relieve pain and even reduce incidence of RSI.


    and use Dvorak (I've used it even longer).

    The combination make typing a dream!