10 techy ways to cut the costs of college

10 techy ways to cut the costs of college

Summary: Here are ten simple techy ways to help you save money whilst at college or university.

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  • On-demand television is long becoming the way to access television when you want it in the format that you want it in. On-demand is on the most part free, so you can stream and download for a set period afterwards. 

    Plus, for those in the UK and elsewhere where a TV licence is needed to watch live broadcasts, you can ditch the TV licence altogether if you stick to on-demand only. In most cases, you do not need a licence to watch on-demand television. So as long as something has been broadcast at least fifteen minutes before you watch it, it should be fine.

    To read more on this, head over to the iGeneration blog.

  • Printing costs on campus can be expensive - 5p a sheet, or 10c, depending on the kind of content you are printing out. Over time this becomes a huge expense, and there must be a better way of doing it.

    Forget inkjet printers, because the cartridges will wear down far too quickly. I propose an investment in a black and white (monochrome) laser printer. The paper will be churned up faster than the ink cartridges, I promise you that.

    A simple inkjet printer plus a few cartridges will be more expensive overall than a black and white laser printer which will take you over a year to get through.

    To read more on this, head over to the iGeneration blog.

Topic: Hardware

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