20 good apps for the HP TouchPad

20 good apps for the HP TouchPad

Summary: With over a million new TouchPad owners thanks to the fire sale by HP, the search for good apps is being conducted by many. These 20 apps are as good as they get on any tablet platform. All of these apps are available in the App Catalog on the TouchPad.


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  • This Twitter app is not available yet but should hit the App Catalog any day. It is an update of the popular Carbon Twitter app for the Pre, updated for the big TouchPad screen. Information leaked so far show this may be one of the best Twitter apps available for any platform once released. I would keep an eye out for Graphite. Price unknown.

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  • Tablets make wonderful readers for magazine content and the Zinio service has been providing digital versions of many popular publications for years. The TouchPad version has been submitted to HP for inclusion in the App Catalog, so Zinio should be appearing at any time. Free.

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  • RE: 20 good apps for the HP TouchPad

    Nice collection of very good apps. Thanks James!
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    Is there an app to combine slideshows into a single page?