CES 2014: Pebble announces Pebble Steel, Appstore dates, new partners (Gallery)

CES 2014: Pebble announces Pebble Steel, Appstore dates, new partners (Gallery)

Summary: Pebble was my favorite smartwatch of 2013 and is starting off 2014 with a bang. Their Appstore launches this month, a new premium Pebble Steel can be ordered now, and new partners are helping them take the smartwatch further than before.

TOPICS: Mobility, CES

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  • Foursquare Pebble app

  • GoPro on Pebble

  • iControl on Pebble

Topics: Mobility, CES

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  • Smartwatch

    It's not a huge update but definitely an improvement in the durability and appearance of the watch http://smartwatchforiphone.com/2014/01/06/release-pebble-steel/
  • Look at the picture...

    'it's great for getting the live score updates to my pebble, it feels like I'm at the game' - In what parallel universe does getting numbers flashed to your watch make you feel like you are at a game?

    People who spout nonsense like that should be disembowelled with a tea spoon and the footage beamed directly to peoples smartphones, it would really make you feel like you were at the execution.