WWDC '13: Apple quietly highlights Bing (not Google) in iOS 7 update

WWDC '13: Apple quietly highlights Bing (not Google) in iOS 7 update

Summary: The debut of iOS 7 stole most of the spotlight at WWDC 2013 this morning.


Bing got a quick but notable shout-out during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday morning.

You know what didn't? Google.

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Wrapped into the list of updates coming to the Siri voice recognition software, Craig Federighi, Apple's senior vice president of software engineering, rattled off some of the sources for search results.

Along side Twitter and Wikipedia, Bing was highlighted as a primary (and perhaps the default) search engine.

The quick and quiet mention of Microsoft's search engine was said to spark "some low murmuring" among developers in the keynote hall at Moscone West.

For now, that is basically all we know concerning the subject.

The battle between the two tech giants continues to escalate -- both on sales charts and in courtrooms worldwide.

Apple execs were certainly vocal about its sentiments towards its neighbor in Silicon Valley, repeatedly slamming Android during the keynote (as well as Microsoft and other tech companies, to be fair) on everything from performance speeds to fragmentation in its ecosystem.

But perhaps the omission of Google (either during the presentation or in the software altogether when it rolls out this fall) is more significant.

Photos: James Martin, CNET

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  • Toddy will be here shortly

    to explain that Bing was developed by Microsoft first. (wink)
  • With all the Apple articles he'll sure be a busy man today...maybe days.

    Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ...

    Is that you Todd?

    Arm A. Geddon
  • Google was mentioned explicitly ...

    The demonstrated iCloud using Google Chrome... Making a dig at Microsoft I telnet explorer.
    • iTelnet?

      That is the UI that ios 8 will be based on. It will be completely keyboard and text driven and there will be no local processing, everything will go to icloud and then the NSA for processing. Welcome to lynx and squirrel.


  • WWDC '13: Apple quietly highlights Bing (not Google) in iOS 7 update

    Google has to be hating this news right now. I can see Larry, Sergy, and Eric putting its employees in time out and taking away their office toys for the afternoon.
  • Balance is good

    Google is just too dominant in some areas, it's good if they lose a bit of relevance.
  • Apple And Microsoft Should Merge

    Even if they can't hold off the Android onslaught together, they can at least commiserate about it.
    • This isn't a win/lose thing

      It's impossible for any company to win unless the other goes under.

      Microsoft isn't going under, Apple isn't, Google isn't.

      None of them are going to win, at least not indefinitely.
      Michael Alan Goff

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