WWDC '13: MacBook Air promising 'all-day' battery life with Intel Haswell chips

WWDC '13: MacBook Air promising 'all-day' battery life with Intel Haswell chips

Summary: Well, perhaps nearly the entire business day, to be more precise.

Credit: James Martin, CNET

Apple is going after the road warriors with its latest updates for the MacBook Air upgrades.

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Announced at the opening keynote of WWDC 2013 on Monday, Apple's Phil Schiller boasted "all-day" battery life is coming to the laptop brand.

Well, perhaps nearly the entire business day, to be more precise.

Apple is aiming to get the job done with the integration of Intel's new Haswell chips.

From an end user perspective, the 11-inch is jumping from an average of five hours to nine hours of juice, while the 13-inch is being bumped up from seven hours to 12 hours.

Schiller quipped that users could even watch nearly all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting.

The battery really stole most of the spotlight here as the ultra-thin form factor remains unchanged.

The rest of the upgrades coming to the MacBook Air series are all internal, with a particular focus on networking.

Wi-Fi is touted to be up to three times faster with support for 802.11ac. The new MacBook Airs are said to also feature 2x GPU execution units, enabling up to 40 percent faster graphics.

Apple execs also boasted that the revamped MacBook Air can wake up within a second and run on standby for 30 days.

The improved MacBook Air models start shipping immediately. Pricing starts at $999 once again for the 11-inch model, with 128GB of onboard flash storage. The 13-inch continues to start at $1,199 for 256GB of space.

Credit: James Martin, CNET


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  • Kudos to Intel

    Haswell is a fantastic innovation from Intel and Intel alone. Just like Thunderbolt.
    • Your statement is correct as far as it goes, Todd. It didn't go far enough

      At the recent Computex 2013 exhibition, many manufactures released or demoed Haswell powered laptops.

      But they didn't boast of 12 hours battery life! Give Apple engineers 'some credit'.
      • You are right, they aren't boasting 12 hours battery life

        They are boasting 19 hours. WITHOUT Haswell.

        • Come on, my friend. This topic was about Haswell laptops

          Not tablets powered by Intel Atom or ARM chipsets
          • How is it not a laptop?

            Has a laptop OS (Windows 8), has a keyboard, USB ports, track pad, camera, microphone, speakers, etc.

            So how is it not a laptop?

            You are the one trying to suggest that 12 hours out of a laptop is innovative. It isn't. Been done and done a lot better. Last I checked, 19 hours is better.
          • the tablet with base

            does weigh more though, and weight is a factor. I'm sure you could get more battery life if apple added 300grams worth of batteries. Also the base mac air has double the storage space.

            So depends on what you really want. Or you can just rule out everything else because you don't like them. I have windows servers and laptops at home, but no one offered me a screen resolution like they do in the macbook pro 15" so i bought one of those and surprisingly it compares well to windows.
            Justin Watson
          • How about: No.

            The VivoTab 11.6' with Dock is 1.35 kg. 19 hours battery life claimed.

            The Macbook Air 12.8' is 1.35 kg. 12 hours battery life claimed.
            The MacBook Air 11.8' is 1.08 kg. 9 hours battery life claimed.

            Credit where credit is due. By the way, 9 hours is not and never was "all day battery life" for me.
          • Watch it when talking Vivo...

            Its like my transformer prime (also from Asus). Yes the tablet itself is 1.35 KG. But you will NOT get 19 hours out of it. The 19 hours is assuming that you also have the keyboard dock which has an additional battery in it and if its like my Transformer, weighs about the same as the tablet itself. The Asus keyboard docks weigh as much as they do because of that extra battery they provide and they also have full size SD card slots and usb ports etc. So you do get something in return for the weight of the dock and for me its welll worth it. But when comparing weight vs battery life, you have to factor in that the 1.35 KG tablet by itself will not achieve the 19 hours.

            If you pull up the specs on the ASUS web site it specifically says:
            Tablet only: 10.5 hours
            With Mobile dock: 19 hours.

            Like I said, for me its a good trade off but we are comparing corn vs green beans again.
          • How is it not a tablet?

            The URL & Name have "tab" in them.
          • Laptop yes, Haswell no...

            Its like saying corn and green beans are both vegetables. Well, of course they are, but that doesn't make them the same. A laptop with an Atom CPU will not remotely compete performance wise with a laptop with a Haswell CPU (or even Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, or even earlier Intel CPU's). Performance VS battery.

            Do you prefer corn or green beans? Once you settle on corn, then you can start talking about which brand of corn you like best.
          • vivo tab

            Comparing an atom processor to the iSeries is insane. The asus vivo tab that you are referring to uses an atom procesor, the macbook air has an i5 which can be upgraded to an i7. You cannot do nearly as much with an atom processor. Basically the vivo tab is a netbook that can turn into a tablet.

            I am no apply fanboy, but 12 hours is long on a true laptop, but the Sony DUO13 claims 15 hours of battery life with an i5 processor.
            Moses Silva
      • Some credit?!

        Are you serious?! Lenovo Helix has over 10 hours of life with the 3rd gen CPU! BTW, Helix has touch screen and digitizer pen.

        You give too much credit where none is required. They are treading on Intel's work, not their own.
        • Which is does by using two batteries and adding over 60% more weight

          Their is no engineering feat there.
    • It is, and Intel deserves much credit

      but it isn't just the hardware. Both Apple and Microsoft have done a lot of work on ensuring that app cycling (in delayed garbage collection, sleeping threads, and services/daemons) is kept to a bare minimum or forcibly put to sleep.

      Microsoft did a particularly good job of that in the WinRT API (which I'm otherwise not fond of), and Apple seems to have done something fairly cool and apparently backwards compatible (with app nap.)
    • Is there any particular reason you needed to emphasize the alone part

      or is it because an innovation is somehow more significant when done without Apple? Is Apple that important to innovation that doing something without Apple's input makes it that much more significant? That seems to be what you are implying.
      • I like your feigned confusion

        As if you didn't realize that he was really saying "Apple just took credit for Intel's innovation".
        • I like YOUR feigned confusion (or maybe not feigned)

          at the fact that he was clearly referring to Todd's trolling.
          Also, please point to where Apple is taking credit for Intel's innovation.
          And FYI, it is not all due to Haswell.
        • Though Apple did not as they cited Haswell as more energo-effective

          The subject.
    • Oh

      ...get a life already, you fsckin' troll!
    • Kudos to Apple

      For creating the toddbottom3 creature.

      Pure joy! Apple style.