WWDC '13: Apple shifts Mac OS X brand with debut of 'Mavericks'

WWDC '13: Apple shifts Mac OS X brand with debut of 'Mavericks'

Summary: Apple jumps from big cats to California-themed names for the next decade of Mac OS releases.


Apple is dropping the big cats theme synonymous with its Mac operating system and going back to its roots: California.

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Speaking during the opening keynote for WWDC 2013 on Monday, CEO Tim Cook rolled off some big numbers promoting the iMac and MacBook brands.

For starters, the Mac install base currently sits at 72 million users and growing -- double than it was five years ago.

Glossing over recent slumps for the global PC industry, Cook still asserted that the average annual growth rate "isn't even close" to what the Mac line is doing, commenting that iMac became the top-selling desktop in the United States last year with the MacBook brand taking the crown for laptops.

But the big news on Monday morning started off with the heart of these machines: the operating system.

The now-final "big cat" release of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, debuted at WWDC last year. Cook noted that Apple has shipped 28 million copies of the latest version so far.


Looking back at the last decade of OS X releases from Panther to Tiger to Snow Leopard, among others, Craig Federighi, Apple's chief of iOS and OS X, joked that they didn't want to delay further releases of the platform just because they ran out of these ferocious namesakes.

Ever so briefly, Federighi even toyed with the keynote audience about using the moniker "Sea Lion."

Instead, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is putting its home state in the spotlight, looking toward the coastline as the first inspiration: "Mavericks."


Here's a rundown on some of the more than 200 improvements coming on OS X 10.9:

  • Finder: Getting tabs for search and browsing; Tabs can be color-coded; Finder window can be made full-screen
  • Display: Spreads menus across displays; Users can set up multiple displays for easier panning between windows; Configured to play well with Apple TV, AirPlay
  • Battery: New features include "App Nap," which redirects power to certain apps and not others; Compressed memory should reduce CPU activity by up to 72 percent
  • Safari: New home page ("Top Sites" now includes more bookmarks, reading list and shared links); Nitty-gritty improvements to enable faster Javascript and better memory usage; New social media sidebar for reading list integrations with Twitter and LinkedIn
  • iCloud: Encrypted "Keychain" for auto-suggesting passwords across multiple sites website logins, credit card numbers, account info, and Wi-Fi
  • iBooks: Finally adding access to mobile iOS libraries from desktops and laptops; Also supports textbooks. The app also provides a direct link to iBookstore.
  • Notifications: Users can reply right inside a notification (i.e. iMessage, email, IM, etc.) and FaceTime calls; Notifications will also be spread across iOS and Mac devices simultaneously
  • Maps: Users can access street maps, 3D flyover views, search points-of-interest, and get turn-by-turn directions. Routes set up on Mac can also be sent right to iPhone.

A preview version of Mavericks will be available to developers at WWDC starting today. The general release is being promised to roll out this fall.


Photos: James Martin, CNET

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  • apple shipped 28 million copies of mountain lion?

    How many shipped copies of Windows 8?

    I sure hope it is less than 28 million because that would mean osx was an even bigger failure than Vista and Windows 8.

    But mountain lion was released long after Windows 8, wasn't it?
    • Not a relevant comparison

      OS X is a private Operating System specifically compartmentalized to Apple's own computers, and only those which run Intel chips.

      Windows products are generally available to any Intel based computer maker, or end user customers (which includes build-it-yourself and Mac users.)

      it is like asking which is bigger - Chicago or a gated community?
      • Nope

        OS X is an operating system. Apple could make it open to everyone, but they don't. Just like when comparing iOS to Android. Andoid is the top phone OS, not iOS. Could iOS be bigger if it were open to lost of devices? I'm not sure. But that doesn't matter.
        A Gray
        • Re: Apple could make it open to everyone, but they don't

          A lie.

          The operating system on which OS X is based is not only available to everyone and anyone, but it is also open source. It is generally known as Darwin and is based on Mach and BSD UNIX. Apple made is open to everyone.

          The product that Apple sells to run their very own personal computers they decide to not support on any other's hardware. It's Apple's product and therefore their choice. So far, the choice seems to be good.
          • OSX is open?

            so I can download the Mountain Lion source and recompile it to run on any platform with unix drivers right?
            maybe even recompile ML to run on a gen1 Macbook Air!
      • Anyone that wants to can buy an osx mac

        Yet FAR more people buy Windows 8 PCs.

        The current meme is that consumers are shunning Windows 8 because they've only bought 100 million copies. If that is "shunning" then people must DETEST mountain lion.

        By the way, how do I purchase a mac with anything BUT mountain lion on it? The other meme is that Windows 8 is only "successful" because Microsoft forces you to buy it. We'll ignore the fact that you CAN buy Windows 7 PCs when we ask how to buy a brand new mac with something other than the os that apple forces upon its consumers.
        • This is not a Windows 8 related article

          it is an article about OS X Maverick.
          • hah

            That's new, when people can bash windows 8 in every irrelevant article why not this which has some relevance....
          • Actually, the unending "Start Menu" dialogue

            does tend to come up largely only in Windows 8 articles. There, such a thing is actually not off-topic, even if it is starting to get irritating.
          • You are wrong or relatively new here

            Windows and Microsoft will be picked and tossed around even in the irrelevant posts.
            Ram U
          • Sure.....

            of course any pissed off Windows users can type their opinions.
            I stopped at Windows 7 and even gave a Windows 8 laptop away, and yes 8 sucked that bad!
          • Mac_PC_FenceSitter. If you can't get the new OS X release name right....

            how can your opinion be given any consideration?

            You were mostly right but there is an "s" on the end. Doesn't have a good ring to it, does it. Tim Cook is going to destroy the Jobs empire.
        • As a blogger for ZDNet

          You Mr. Miller should be fired. Your tiresome stumping for your employer (Microsoft) is immature and rather boorish.
          Troll Hunter J
        • Be factual Mr. Miller

          More people buy computers at Walmart/Kmart, that at actual computer stores. Those people are not given any option, that crappy windows. Who thinks a Phone OS, on a laptop is a great idea? Only the Microsoft/Windows employees/fanboys (such as yourself)
          Troll Hunter J
          • Can you prove both Matt and Todd are one?

            Please care to post, otherwise just go back to your hipocrcy filled fanatic world and troll as much as you could.
            Ram U
        • Huh?

          Point me to the 500$ Mac laptop.

          You can't?

          How about the 400$ desktop?

          You can't?

          Different markets.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • How 'bout the $60 iWork suite

            Half the price of the non commercial restricted Office Home and Student package but with a word processing app (Pages) which makes Word look like a pathetic joke. with Apple you pay for (and get) QUALITY hardware and benefit from reasonably priced Apple software.
          • iWork

            Can't wait for the update
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Qualty ????

            I am giving apple a try - my brother happened to have a closet full of burned out macbook pros and imacs. They gave up having to replace the hard drive every few months for the over heating macbook pros. I bought an SSD, but that got corrupted on 2 occasions until I bought a laptop cooler that is now married to the laptop on my coffee table. OSX was fun too - had Leopard and tried to go to Mountain Lion, only to find out needed to buy snow leapord, then mountain lion. Ok, so now I am upto $40, same as what I paid to get Win8 on my desktops/laptops. Anyway - used up most of my monthly bandwidth downloading Lion about 5 times as the install kept failing and corrupting, and Apple doesn't let you save a copy of the download without some trickery of halting the install and making a copy while in flight. App store and Safari eventually gave up and just crashed everytime I tried to start them. Finally got a disk of Mountain Lion and was able to somewhat stabley install (Safari still dies every now and then but I've downloaded Firefox and it is stable). So, combine this fun with some other fun I had getting an old eMac PPC going a few months ago, I can say I am having fun and just about an expert on apples. Haven't had this much fun since the early days of linux. So, my assessment so far - quality - meh, above average O/S, not bad, seems to be a bit of Linux with some icandy (icandy more like Vista than Win 7). I will keep it running as long as possible, but would I pay 3 or 4 times the price for this - never - but I will keep this one going as long as my laptop cooler will keep it alive.(My wife, however, who just likes things to work (and don't move her icons), tried it for about 5 mins and lost interest and went back to her Win7 laptop - so much for mac being for people who just want it to work.(she could figure out Win8 faster than OSX.) So, as a techy, I am enjoying the experience to broaden my horizons, and the technical challenges have been fun, but I really can't see how the fan boys stand behind this stuff like it was created by the hand of God. Seems like pretty average equipment/O/S but for some reason a really really high premium?? (oh yeah, am dual booting to Win 7 for the fun of it (only had a spare Win 7 license, otherwise would have went to Win 8). With Win 7 it's a pretty ok laptop, but seems to defeat the purpose so use OSX on the MBP and stick to Win8 on my main laptop).
          • So in other words, your technologically incompetent

            I certainly have never had any of those issues with a multitude of Mac hardware, and if I had, I would have taken in back and had it repaired, free.