Best Buy selling Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet for $99.99 on Black Friday

Best Buy selling Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" tablet for $99.99 on Black Friday

Summary: An employee reveals the doorbuster special to a local TV news crew.

TOPICS: Tablets, Amazon, Mobility

We're about three weeks away from Black Friday, but we've seen remarkably few leaks of the deals that will be available on the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. But one of the first major ones has come in a very unlikely form.

Usually a major retailer's multi-page ad for Black Friday is leaked online, but Best Buy has revealed a few of its specials via a news report on a Little Rock, Arkansas TV station. A local Best Buy employee shows off some deals, including an Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch tablet for $99.99.

As he points out himself, this Kindle Fire HD is the last-generation model, which is being replaced by the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX and its higher-resolution display and quad-core processor. But that version starts at $229, far more than this $100 doorbuster.  

The report mentions that this deal is for the Kindle Fire HD 7" that normally retails for $199.99, which presumably means it's the 16GB flavor (the 8GB model costing $139 regularly). The bad news is that it still includes special offers, ads that appear on the lock screen that help Amazon defray the low (or no) margins it earns on Kindle Fire sales.

Nonetheless, for $50 more than the cut-rate Android tablets that will be on sale everywhere for Black Friday, you can get a vastly superior tablet from a major brand -- that is, if you are willing to brave the process for being the first to get a crack at this doorbuster. Does the $100 Kindle Fire HD 7" deal sound good to you? Will you try to get it at Best Buy? Let us know in the Talkback section below. 


Topics: Tablets, Amazon, Mobility

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  • Meh.

    You can find Nook HD+'s in that range now. Groupon is selling the 32GB model for $130 as I type this, and the 16GB model has been showing up on daily deal sites for under $100 for a while now. Granted, B&N is getting out of the tablet business, but it's a solid device with a better display and microSD expansion (which the Fire lacks), plus you won't have to forego your holiday activities to go out at maddening hours to deal with the Black Friday maniacs and crazies.
    • Nook

      I am trying to find the Nook 16 for 100$. Do you remember where you saw it?
      WillandBrandy Schneider
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