Black Friday 2013: Target offering $100 gift card with purchase of Apple iPad Air

Black Friday 2013: Target offering $100 gift card with purchase of Apple iPad Air

Summary: The retailer is also providing a $75 gift card with the purchase of a first-generation iPad mini.

TOPICS: Tablets, Apple, Mobility

The ante continues to be upped in the race to sell the new iPad Air in stores other than Apple's own. While the Apple store continues to sell the tablet at its $499 list price, Walmart announced it was going to sell it for $479 right out of the gate, and other retailers quickly matched.

Now as Black Friday approaches, Target is taking it up a notch. As part of its ad that just leaked, the retailer is offering a $100 store gift card with the purchase of the iPad Air. That's in lieu of any further discount than the previously mentioned $479 price.

It's also trying a similar tactic with the iPad mini, though with the first-generation model, not the forthcoming version. With your purchase of the smaller iPad (at $299), you will receive a $75 gift card. (With the new iPad mini expected just the week before, and with supplies expected to be extremely tight at launch, Target may not even have any by Black Friday to offer a deal on anyway.)

The final tablet deal Target is advertising for Black Friday is the Nook HD 7" with 8GB of storage for $79.99. That price is $50 less than the normal price, but the deep discount is no doubt tied to the Nook's flagging fortunes in the tablet market.

Apple's decision to let retailers like Target sell its products is turning out to have one drawback for the company. While more locations with iPhones, iPads, and Macs have led to more sales, it's also starting to impact the company's own stores. According to a recent report by Needham & Company, revenues from Apple stores have dropped for a second straight quarter (though less in the most recent quarter ending in September). 

Is the $100 gift card enough of an enticement for you to buy the iPad Air from Target on Black Friday? Let us know your thoughts in the Talkback section below.

Topics: Tablets, Apple, Mobility

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  • Sweet

    I was thinking of trading my iPad 2 and getting iPad Air from MicroCenter. They are selling it for $449. But this deal beats that, even though I am spending $30 more, I could use that $100 to purchase case/keyboard.
    Ram U
    • Target Gift Card

      Make sure they have the accessories you need at Target. That gift card is only good there...However, it IS a good deal in any case...
      • Yes and agreed.

        And I am looking at Keyboard and Smart Cover for it.
        Ram U
  • Trouble is - Target has not stock on iPad Airs!

    Just took advantage of last week's Target offer of a $200 trade-in for older model iPads. Now, I have that gift card in hand and all the local stores have no stock on iPad Airs. So, I head to their online store and alas, they have none either! Target - get your crap together! Big offers but not stock to back it up...
  • Yes ... that's good enough for me.

    I will buy new iMini at Target .... if they have 32 or 64 gb models available.
    I'm assuming the $100 card applies also to those ... and not only to 16gb shown in ad.
  • Apple store price match

    Apple will match any advertised deal- at least in NH they do. I brought in a target flyer to the Apple store last black friday and they matched it.
  • Target Gift Card Deal

    Can anyone help me? Does the Target $100 gift card apply to Black Friday online purchase as well, or do I have to be in-store to get it?
  • Target Black Friday

    I think you failed to point out a very important part of the sale. $100 ipad air and any other iPad including ipad 2 .
    • Target black friday

      $100 gift card that is .
  • target gift card

    can anyone tell me if this offer also applies to online purchases as well and if so what time can you order?