Black Friday 2013 update: More Apple iPad mini, Microsoft Surface RT tablet deals

Black Friday 2013 update: More Apple iPad mini, Microsoft Surface RT tablet deals

Summary: The $239 sale by eBay is the lowest price for the first-generation iPad mini we've seen so far, while the Microsoft store has specials on the original Surface RT.


Most of the major retailers have already made their Black Friday sales public, so now we're filling in the rest of the shopping picture with more online deals. In terms of tablets, it looks like the first-generation iPad mini is the Apple model that's most likely to be offered as a Black Friday special.

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We've seen tactics like gift cards offered with a full-price purchase (Target and Walmart) or a mail-in rebate (h.h. gregg), but now we are seeing straight-up discounts. First, Rakuten (formerly is offering the 16GB original iPad mini for $249.99 on Black Friday, and then eBay topped that by dropping the price to $239 in its ad, including free shipping.

That's the current low price we've seen for the mini for Black Friday, but there's still more than a week for some other retailers to match or beat that price. (That includes Apple itself, though it typically offers just 10 percent off its prices for Black Friday.) Needless to say, there have been no deals on the brand-new iPad mini with Retina display, released last week and in short supply.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is joining a couple of other retailers in discounting its own first-generation tablet. Like Best Buy, it will be offering the original Surface RT 32GB for $199 on Black Friday via its online store. (Staples will have it for $249.99.) But unlike those stores, it will also have a special for a 64GB version, which will sell for $379, though that's only a $20 price cut.

Microsoft is also offering deals on some Windows laptops on Black Friday, including a Dell Inspiron 15z that features an Intel Core i5-3337U processor, 6GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive with 32GB of solid-state storage, and 15.6-inch touchscreen for $399, or a whopping $450 off the current $849 price. It will also have specials on a Gateway NV570P10u notebook and Samsung ATIV Book 5 NP540U4E-K01US Ultrabook, but those prices have not been disclosed yet. You can check the Microsoft Store's Black Friday page for any updates.

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  • not sure I understand...

    ... how eBay, who is only a conduit for other sellers, can host a "black Friday" ad, unless they have set up an agreement with a seller that will change the price of certain items at a predetermined time for the sale.
    • Ebay is trying to get into the retail space.

      They just struck a deal with MS to host an EBAY MS store. Why let Amazon dominate when you can cut in on the dance.
  • Black Friday 2013 update: More Apple iPad mini, Microsoft Surface RT tablet

    You can count me in on the Microsoft Surface RT for $199. That is a great deal.
    • Microsoft Surface RT for $199. That is a great deal.

      Sure if you are looking for a wedge to hold open a door. That tablet is so old you are better off getting something newer.
      • so old?

        Its a year old. I know in the PC world time flies but for an RT device and there only being one newer RT device out i dont really think its age matters. especially since the spec requirements of RT have not changed
        Shane Hudson
    • knock it off

      you already have one.
    • agreed

      $200 and an upgrade to 8.1 makes for a great deal. It's not an old tablet as some have suggested and if you have to buy a new tablet each year then your wasting cash, MS is already committed to a 4 year support cycle for the original surface so you still get a solid 3 years of continued support.
      • Mary Jo Foley still uses her 1RT every day...

        ... and is perfectly satisfied with it, especially the 8.1 upgrade. For 200 bucks it's not bad.
  • At $199 it's almost an impulse buy.

    They may actually clear out some of their massive stockpile of original Surface RTs at that price. It's a shame the newer model isn't similarly discounted. They could potentially build a large enough installed base that it might spur 3rd party app development.
    • installed base

      You do realize that counting web usage (statcounter), Windows 8, 8.1, and RT devices make up more than 9 %? This is larger than iOS and Android combined.
  • .....

    Who would waste money on an apple ipad mini or a crappy windows 8 tablet? Not much of an entice if those are the 2 things your offering and hoping to bring people in. Drop the Samasung 10.1 note 2 tablet down to $250 and then we are talking or no contract galaxy 2, htc one, or s4 phones to $199 off contract and Ill take one of each.Already got my 80" tv discount last week so now its new phone and tablet shopping time.
  • Surface RT for under US$200 is a Steal

    I purchase an RT nearly a year ago and it works great. After the 8.1 upgrade it works even better. At US$200 for a tablet that runs MS Office, this is quite attractive.
    Curtis Quick
  • Awesome Deal

    Speaking from experience, the Surface RT was the best money spent. I use mine for college course work. It is so much lighter than my laptop, but allows the same productivity. The full browser is also a huge plus.

    I have read the complaints about lack of apps, however the full browser negates most of the complaints.

    At $199, it is an awesome deal. Consider Office alone is $139, and it's included!
  • What Black Friday?

    I've been visiting Dell and Amazon since 6am, no Black Friday deals. Even if they say they are Black Friday deals, the prices are nearly the same as on other days. Or, the stuff allegedly on deep discount, has a lot of bad reviews. So, my shopping is done for the day.