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BlackBerry Patent app describes wireless changing of theme screens

A new BlackBerry Patent application entitled System and Method for Adaptive Theming Of A Mobile Device describes ways that a BlackBerry wireless carrier or third-party theme screen developer could configure, or reconfigure, a subscriber's BlackBerry theme remotely.This capability presumably could be used to configure temes based on user preferences, regions, or even- hopefully only with the subscriber's content- to promotions or times of the year.

January 31, 2008 by Russell Shaw

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SlingPlayer software to be announced for BlackBerry Pearl 8120

Colleague John Falcone reports that Sling Media-  has confirmed a new update of its SlingPlayer software will be announced for BlackBerry.The release will enable SlingMedia to streamlive TV to be streamed from any Slingbox model over  a 3G or WiFi connection to BlackBerry Pearl 8120's.

January 3, 2008 by Russell Shaw

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BlackBerry Patent app proposes Low memory manager for "graceful shutdown"

When one of our devices crashes or shuts down because of memory issues, one of the last words we would ever use to describe the circumstances is "graceful."Yes, but graceful is indeed part of the title of a just-published BlackBerry Patent application entitled Detection Of Out-Of-Memory and Graceful Shutdown.

January 3, 2008 by Russell Shaw

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Man interrupts post-intimacy cuddling to check BlackBerry; she's outta here

 Seems that after "Cathy" realized that her boyfriend seemed to care more about checking BlackBerry messages in bed than devoting his undivided attention to her, she reports that their relationship is in the process of ending.Maybe, as Boston Globe freelancer Alison Lobron writes, the seeds of what sounds like a breakup was planted after Cathy's boyfriend checked his BlackBerry during post coital-cuddling.

December 30, 2007 by Russell Shaw