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Pitfalls to Avoid when Interpreting Machine Learning Models

Pitfalls to Avoid when Interpreting Machine Learning Models

Modern requirements for machine learning models include both high predictive performance and model interpretability. A team of experts in explainable AI highlights pitfalls to avoid when addressing model interpretation, and discusses open issues for further research. Images created by Cristoph Molnar:

August 20, 2020 by

The coolest thing you didn't see at CES 2020

The coolest thing you didn't see at CES 2020

A stunning 8k, 3D display. And no glasses, thankfully, unlike the failed 3D TVs. Why didn't you see it? It wasn't on the show floor. But I did, high up in the Venetian, and I'm wondering why Apple doesn't buy these guys. Here's some, sorry, not 8K video of the display.

January 30, 2020 by

New robot designs are challenging, says MIT

Tonya Hall talks to Dr. Julie A Shah, associate professor of aeronautics and astronautics and leader of the interactive robotics group of the computer science and AI Laboratory at MIT, to learn more about what challenges robot designers are facing when coming up with new robotic designs.

6 hours ago by

The Moore’s Law of drones emerges

Tiernan Ray explains just as chips got cheaper and cheaper over time, drones are gaining incredible powers in tiny sizes. DJI’s latest beginning drone, the Mini 2, can fly more than twice as far as its previous incarnation, up to six miles, but it’s small and light enough to fit in a pocket and quiet enough you may not hear it flying around. Read more:

1 day ago by

Lenovo M57e

Lenovo M57e

The Lenovo M57 eco is a small form-factor desktop that is promoted by the company as energy efficient. We found it to be a capable and powerful office performer for its size, but with limited upgrade options.

May 27, 2008 by