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Larry Dignan is Editor in Chief of ZDNet and SmartPlanet as well as Editorial Director of ZDNet's sister site TechRepublic.

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Rachel King is a staff writer for ZDNet based in San Francisco.

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Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News. He is based in New York City.

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Podcast: HP pretexters get wrist-slaps, the mortally wounded copyright, Red Hat seeks threesome with Microsoft, and Tellme more

This week on the Dan & David Show, ZDNet executive editor Larry Dignan fills in for Dan Farber and we cover the four biggest news stories of the week so far. While the world looks for ways to bridge the digital divide, Microsoft's attempts to close the gap between computer speech and computer code just shrunk another notch thanks to its announced acquisition of Tellme.

March 14, 2007 by David Berlind


TechNet rolls out green tech agenda

TechNet has formalized its green tech policies into report, "Green Technologies: An Innovation Agenda for America.” The bipartisan group of technology executives came up with a long list of recommendations, ranging from standards for green house emissions to federal tax policy reform.

March 14, 2007 by Dan Farber


Microsoft + Tellme expected today

Microsoft will be holding a press event at 9:30 PST that will have something to do with speech and unified communications. Sounds like the Tellme Networks acquisition that has been rumored for the last few weeks is coming to fruition.

March 14, 2007 by Dan Farber


Google: Backpedaling away from Net neutrality stance?

GigaOm's Drew Clark makes a convincing case that Google is backing off of its stance as Net neutrality champion.Clark quotes Google Senior Policy Counsel Andrew McLaughlin saying:“Net neutrality will ultimately be solved by competition in the long-run,” describing fiber, broadband over power lines, and wireless efforts to crack “the existing telco-cable duopoly...

March 14, 2007 by


BMC focuses on taming IT infrastructure

BMC Software may not be a widely recognized software brand, but the company is making a name for itself in business service management. In the most recent quarter, sales grew about 30 percent, according to company CEO Bob Beauchamp.

March 13, 2007 by Dan Farber