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Zack Whittaker writes for ZDNet, CNET, and CBS News. He is based in New York City.

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Could the Mac Tablet be far behind the iPhone?

Lev Grossman's story in Time describes how the iPhone germinated in a project to develop a tablet PC:The iPhone developed the way a lot of cool things do: with a false start. A few years ago Jobs noticed how many development dollars were being spent—particularly in the greater Seattle metropolitan area—on what are called tablet PCs: flat, portable computers that work with a touchscreen instead of a mouse and keyboard.

January 9, 2007 by Dan Farber


Hands on with the iPhone

David Pogue of the New York Times was given an audience with the Pope of Apple and spent an hour playing with the iPhone, confirming that the multi-function mobile device is way more that smoke and mirrors at this stage. Here are a few excerpts: It feels amazing in your hand.

January 9, 2007 by Dan Farber


Why software sucks: the podcast

What can you do about bad software? Tune into this podcast to hear David Platt, author of "Why Software Sucks" discuss the problem and some possible solutions.

January 9, 2007 by Phil Windley


Video: Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone

We have video of Steve Jobs' introduction of the new iPhone and the demo of Apple's latest contribution to humankind. He shows off photo sharing, text messaging, Web browsing and mapping features.

January 9, 2007 by Dan Farber