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Sean Portnoy is a former executive editor at Computer Shopper magazine and editor at CNET Networks.

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Will any Comcast subscribers pay $60 to watch Eddie Murphy's brand-new movie on demand?

Major movie studios continue to take baby steps toward offering new films to cable subscribers via premium on demand while the flicks are still in theaters. The biggest test to date will come in a few weeks, when Comcast will bring the new Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller potential blockbuster Tower Heist to a pair of test markets just three weeks after it debuts on movie house screens.

October 9, 2011 by


Comcast preparing AnyPlay live TV streaming service for the iPad

Comcast has been promising for some time now that it would bring live TV to the iPad, and the cable giant looks like it's getting closer to its goal. According to a story on MacRumors, the company is readying its AnyPlay service, which will use a special Motorola box to relay broadcasts to your iPad (and presumably Android tablets) over your wireless home network.

September 25, 2011 by

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