Howard Lo

Howard spent 14 years in the tech industry working as a programmer, evangelist, and community manager for Microsoft. In 2009, he had lived his "dream" of middle-management long enough and opened a Japanese restaurant called Standing Sushi Bar. Trading in stock grants and software licenses for raw fish and cash, he enjoys mixing his passion for technology into the daily hustle of small business.

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Windows Phone 8.1, are we there yet?

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview has released to heaps of praise. Yet it's not enough to convince users to switch to the platform. Messaging, performance, regional support and mailbox management are areas to improve.

April 21, 2014 by

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Tech start-ups in Singapore - cultural challenges you'll face

Singapore is bubbling over with tech startups as seed money, talent, and interest are all coming together within its borders. Zopim is a Singapore startup that has achieved success in the online customer interaction space. Abhiroop Basu shares the general and cultural-specific challenges that Zopim faced as a startup.

February 5, 2014 by

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