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180solutions responds - questions need answers

Yesterday I reported on another nonconsensual install of 180solutions that was discovered and blogged by spyware expert Ben Edelman. Some might wonder why the big deal - after all, 180solutions has a long history of illegal forced installations and problematic business practices

February 21, 2006 by Suzi Turner


180solutions' S3 technology broken?

According to Ben Edelman, the answer is yes. Ben has blogged about a nonconsensual installation of 180’s Zango software at an unnamed website. There’s a video, too. The install goes something like this ...

February 19, 2006 by Suzi Turner


More on botnets

According to one source, the problem of botnets is far greater than most security experts realize. One researcher tracked an estimated 13.1 million distinct bots in a 13 month time period ending this past January!

February 19, 2006 by Suzi Turner


Hax0rs, botnets and adware

Brian Krebs of the Washington Post has published a fascinating and powerful piece about botnets and some of the individuals behind them.

February 18, 2006 by Suzi Turner


Banning rootkits

Thanks to Sony BMG, thereis now talk of banning rootkits. Last fall, Sony BMG was foound to be using roootkit techology in their DRM copy protection software. The rootkit left computers vulnerable to malicous attacks and now the Department of Homeland Security is talking about possibly banning rootkits.

February 18, 2006 by Suzi Turner


Fighting spyware in the UK

Spyware victims in the UK now have a way to fight back. It started with one person's letter to her Member of Parliament (MP) That person is spyware activist (sounds better than zealot, eh?), and Microsoft Security MVP Gwynne Brothwood, known online as Nellie2

February 15, 2006 by Suzi Turner

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SpyAxe replacement: SpyFalcon

The name SpyAxe, top rogue anti-spsyware app of 2005, brings up anger and frustration for its many victims but now SpyFalcon has burst on the scene looking like a replacement for SpyAxe.

February 14, 2006 by Suzi Turner


Spyware business booming - triples according to Webroot

Another study out today reports that spyware was on the rise in 2005.  Security company Webroot, makers of SpySweeper, released the State of Spyware Report for 2005:Consumers, small businesses and enterprises across the globe all experienced a record number of infection rates for the worst types of spyware in 2005 according to the report which contains data and information on the spyware plague for all of 2005.

February 7, 2006 by Suzi Turner

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