15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

Summary: From trying out new products and services to updating your devices, here are 15 things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving holiday.


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  • Steve Jobs' biography is one of the best selling books of this year, and is still gaining momentum in the bookshops.

    Many revelations came out of the book, including one of the holy-of-all-holy's Apple iTV, which could bring the dinky Apple-branded box to a physical television set. Set to be integrated with iCloud and all of the users' content, Jobs was said to have "cracked it". The book dates all the way back to his childhood, and gives readers an unprecedented insight into how he thought.

    Whether or not you are a Mac user, or an iPod owner, there is no doubt that Jobs was one of the most influential contributors to the technology world of the past and present. The incredibly detailed view of his life and some of the world-changing ideas he had.

    The 656-page book is available on Amazon to buy, and instantly downloadable as a Kindle e-book, as well as in all good bookstores.

  • Whether you have an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3, the latest instalment of the Call of Duty first-person shooter game is available for you. Millions of people will be sitting down to open their Thanksgiving presents and will have a copy in their hands by the end of the morning tear-'em-up session.

    The broke records left, right and center. In the first five days alone, it raked in over $775 million.

    CoD: Modern Warfare 3 includes new maps, online multiplayer missions, a whole new interface, new weaponry and fantastic graphic quality. Graphic also in terms of gore and violence, it's not for everybody. But whether you are old or young (though, preferably at least 18 years of age, I warn you now), it is something you must play during the lifespan of the game series.

  • Google's Street View service is a great way to virtually get around and see places you would never normally see -- all from the comfort of your own home or office. 

    But remember when Google was caught (albeit accidentally) payload data from wireless hotspots as its Street View cars drove around capturing street-level imagery? Google used some of that data to create a map of wireless hotspots to increase its location database, in a bid to cut down on the length of time GPS often takes to work out where you are.

    But Google has offered U.S. and European citizens the right to opt-out of the database, should you wish random passers-by from using your wireless router to determine their location.

    You need to change your wireless router or hotspot's name to append _nomap to make sure that it is opted out. There's more details over here.

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  • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

    These are not "techy" things... half of them are Apple iThing related and the other half is about social sites (Facebook, Google Music, etc).

    Techy things would be things like tweak Windows for performance, upgrade RAM/HDD, install Linux, root your phone and things like that...
    • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

      @lepoete73 I think if you buy this: http://www.technologyfazer.com/zte-smart-tab-v55-tablet.html smart tab then you will every time busy in using it.
    • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

      @lepoete73 - agreed. The blurring of lines. It's like voting to put pop singers into the rock and roll hall of fame.

      The iStuff and social stuff is "geek chic" at best...
  • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

    Upgrade music libraries? Then switch to Zune. No need to upload music; for $10 a month, you have access to over 12 million songs. That's an UPgrade.
  • RE: 15 techy things to keep you busy this Thanksgiving

    Stop making me click 50 times so you can get more page loads and maybe I'll read your articles.