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Korea pours $4b a year into 4G LTE networks

Summary: Major investments in long-term evolution (LTE) networks are required to keep abreast of 61 percent increases in traffic, reports ZDNet Korea’s Jaehwan Cho.

published 3 hours ago by By ZDNet Staff | July 22, 2014 -- 07:52 GMT (00:52 PDT)

NBN: Nothing, But Nothing is happening

Summary: You know the NBN is dead when not even the FttN haters bother to shellac Malcolm Turnbull's blogs. As Telstra reasserts control over the NBN and the Coalition government flounders,...

published 6 hours ago by David Braue

Germany ends Verizon contract

Summary: The German government is cancelling a contract with Verizon, citing that it wants full control over its communications network.

June 26, 2014 by Chris Duckett

Verizon launches credential cloud service

Summary: Smart Credential aims to integrate various authentication and identity tools and provide one credential for accessing systems as well as buildings.

June 23, 2014 by Larry Dignan