Politically charged and economically vital, the technology of broadband defines the limits of how services and data can reach from the enterprise to the home. New standards battle it out with established players on cable, in fibre and over wireless, bringing technical, regulatory and commercial pressures to bear on a rapidly changing market.

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Short clip: No bandwidth capping for Qwest

Pieter Poll, CTO of Qwest, explains why he's not surprised by Comcast's bandwidth caps. Although Qwest has no immediate plans for caps, he explains that one percent of the top users are creating 20 percent of the demand, making caps a way to keep things fair.

October 21, 2008


Net neutrality is an 'American problem'

The leaders of three of Australia's largest ISP's have declared the Net neutrality debate as solely a US problem — and further, that the nation that pioneered the internet might want to study the Australian market for clues as to how to solve the dilemma.

September 23, 2008 by Brett Winterford and Julian Hill


iiNet to offer mobile phone services?

Broadband ISP iiNet is considering reselling mobile phone and mobile data services. The company also hopes to replace Optus as the second largest broadband player in Australia, according to Greg Bader, the company's chief technology officer.

August 28, 2008 by Brett Winterford and Suzanne Tindal


Video: ACCC boss shows Telstra the way

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Graeme Samuel took Telstra to task this week for not switching on high-speed ADSL2+ broadband nationwide. "Telstra argues that regulatory barriers are preventing it from rolling out ADSL2+ to more [telephone] exchanges," Samuel said in a landmark address to the annual conference of the Australian Telecommunications Users Group in Sydney.

March 8, 2007 by Renai LeMay


Are WITI women really that tech witty?

Danielle Levitas, vice president of IDC's Consumer and Broadband Markets group, talks about women and tech trends. Is the pink Razr really the apple of the tech savvy woman's eye? CNET's Neha Tiwari finds out at the Women and Technology Summit 2006.

October 31, 2006


City of Philadelphia: Dianah Neff

Philadelphia is looking to be the first major city in the U.S. to provide citywide low-cost broadband access. CIO for the city, Dianah Neff, sits down with ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Dan Farber to explain the politics and technology behind the "Wireless Philadelphia" project.

September 6, 2006


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