Politically charged and economically vital, the technology of broadband defines the limits of how services and data can reach from the enterprise to the home. New standards battle it out with established players on cable, in fibre and over wireless, bringing technical, regulatory and commercial pressures to bear on a rapidly changing market.

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Netflix CEO: Broad selection of broadband

Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO, talks to's Charles Cooper at the TechNet Innovation Summit. Where's our broadband going to come from?Hastings says there'll be a variety of competing sources, but it will get here without the federal government being involved.

November 16, 2005


Philadelphia's wireless war

Philadelphia is looking to be the first major city in the U.S. to provide citywide low-cost broadband access. CIO for the city, Dianah Neff, sits down with ZDNet editor in chief Dan Farber to explain the politics and technology behind the "Wireless Philadelphia" project.

August 2, 2005


Powell hits back at criticism over broadband penetration

At the Voice on the Net 2005 conference in San Jose, Calif., outgoing FCC chairman Michael Powell talks with CNET's Charles Cooper in a Face to Face interview about the success of Internet telephony. He also candidly discusses telecommunications mergers and the collapse of long-distance services.

March 9, 2005


Doctors tap broadband to monitor patients remotely

Some hospitals in the United States are using broadband technology to improve patient care and cope with a national shortage of critical care physicians. Correspondent James Hilliard visits Sutter General Hospital in Sacramento, Calif., where patients in the intensive care unit are being monitored by doctors a mile away in a control room called the eICU.

July 26, 2004


Kerry pushes tech platform

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry makes a campaign stop in Silicon Valley to outline his proposed technology policy, which calls for tax cuts on long-term investments in start-ups and more support for broadband technology.

June 24, 2004


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