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Red Hat: What me worry?

When Red Hat holds court with financial analysts later today to discuss the company's fiscal third quarter results the conversation is likely to go like this:Analyst: What is the impact on Oracle's Unbreakable Linux on your business? How can you compete?

December 20, 2006 by


How Microsoft's SUSE certificates work

In my earlier post on the Microsoft-Novell deal and its inroads with Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and AIG, there was a reader question about how the money exchanges hands. A spokeswoman for Microsoft clarified:Microsoft sells these SUSE Linux certificates as a reseller and collects the revenue.

December 20, 2006 by


Microsoft search gets lapped

Most bloggers are focused on Google's dominant search share (is it 50 percent or 70 percent), but what sticks out most is the free fall Microsoft is suffering through. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, Google's November market share in search was 49.

December 20, 2006 by


More holiday gift ideas

While attending the Churchill Club event, "Making a List: Fourth Annual What's Hot and What's Not in Personal Technology," I chatted with Walt Mossberg about the latest cell phones, Microsoft's Zune and various gadget accessories.

December 20, 2006 by Dan Farber


A new charge on your phone bill

IntelliOne of Atlanta has developed a system that monitors traffic speeds and spots jams as they occur. It works by repeatedly sampling the locations of nearby cell phones and calculating the distance between measurements--this gives it an overall traffic speed, which it can report to authorities or traffic information providers.

December 19, 2006 by Ed Gottsman


Palm whistles by the elephants in the room

Palm is trying to dance around a bunch of elephants in the room--increased competition, inconsistency and the need to expand--but it's getting difficult. To wit: Palm made a big deal about the sellthrough of 617,000 for its smartphones on its fiscal second quarter earnings conference call.

December 19, 2006 by


What's hot for the Web in 2007

Richard MacManus and friends came up with a list of trends that will dominate the Web in 2007. Here are the Web trends, which don't include any clunkers, but some of the so-called trends are more embryonic than others.

December 19, 2006 by Dan Farber

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