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The United States of India

In less than two months time it has become clear that, between Cisco, Intel, and now Microsoft, India will get injected with at least $3.8 billion.

December 6, 2005 by David Berlind


Revenge of the long tail

Munjal Shah of Riya, a startup photo sharing service that applies face and text recognition to find images, is among many Web 2.0 companies in search of revenue generation models.

December 6, 2005 by Dan Farber


In search of Google's calendar

While attending When 2.0, which is all about calendaring and other time-based applications, I ran into Carl Sjogreen, who has something to do with Google's rumored calendar mate for Gmail, Gtalk, etc.

December 6, 2005 by Dan Farber

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Mitch Kapor: What's up with Chandler

At the When 2.0 workshop, Open Source Application Foundation Chair Mitch Kapor addressed the status of Chandler, OSAF's evolving Personal Information Manager (and answer to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook) that will integrate calendar, email, contacts, task management, notes, and instant messaging.

December 6, 2005 by Dan Farber


Oh car driver, where art thou? (actually Big Brother knows)

In a commentary about the potential mandating of Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices in cars,'s Declan McCullagh must have been gnashing his teeth when he wrote: Trust federal bureaucrats to take a good idea and transform it into a frightening proposal to track Americans wherever they drive....

December 6, 2005 by David Berlind


Is Sun's UltraSparc T1 the ' Terminator'?

Sun has started shipping some systems based on its UltraSparc T1 processor (see the news story) with claims of "blowing away" industry standards for performance, setting seven world record benchmarks and delivering a five-fold performance increase at one-fifth the power consumer versus Dell, HP and IBM systems.  The 'T' in T1 technically stands for 'Throughput,' but from its marketing stance, Sun might as well call it the 'Terminator.

December 5, 2005 by Dan Farber


IBM cites local employee base in appeal to Massachusetts Governor

For the record, I don't believe that Massachusetts' technology decisions should be based on the preferences of companies that have large points of presence (and thus many employees) in that state.  Technology choices should cross geographical boundaries and should be based on the technical (and legal) merits of the technology; not whether the contributors to it employ lots of local voters.

December 5, 2005 by David Berlind