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Matthew Miller started using a Pilot 1000 in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since.

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Mobility Beat: like digg for mobile technology

If you enjoy social bookmarking and link sharing sites like digg and Netscape and are a mobile technology fan then you'll want to check out the new MobilityBeat site that gathers links from around the world related to mobile gear. For the next 30 days if you submit a story you are entered into a drawing for a Treo 680 as well so go on over and check them out.

December 6, 2006 by


Office 2007 file format is incompatible with all mobile devices

The Mac platform isn't the only operating system affected by the new Office 2007 open XML file formats. Users of mobile devices running Windows Mobile, Palm, Symbian, and BlackBerry operating systems also will have trouble reading, editing, and creating documents using the new formats. Developers are working on fixes, but at this time no system is working with the new formats.

December 6, 2006 by


MobileTechRoundup show #80

The gang starts off MobileTechRoundup show #80 on a football tangent, but then gets back on track by discussing two freeware of the show titles you may want to try. We talk a bit about Windows Mobile Crossbow and then how a Dell Axim with Crossbow is still a possibility in 2007. James received a very nice case to review and Kevin has a new slate Tablet PC from Fujitsu in his hands.

December 6, 2006 by


3 weeks later and the Zune is better than the iPod

The Zune keeps getting knocked and many people are quoting some recent sales data to show how the Zune is already falling down. However, you need to look at other circumstances surrounding when that data was captured and also give an honest look at the Zune in direct comparison to the iPod to see which is the best device for you.

December 4, 2006 by


Fujitsu to include EverNote on LifeBook and Stylistic devices

Kasey sent me an exciting press release this weekend from EverNote Corporation announcing that Fujitsu will include EverNote on their LifeBook notebook and Stylistic Tablet PC device. If you buy a new LifeBook P1610 Tablet PC that also has a touchscreen display you will get EverNote Plus and EverNote ritePen. EverNote Plus is a great application that lets you capture and organize data quickly and easily. ritePen is a handwriting recognition application that lets you write anywhere on the display of a Tablet PC. This latest partnership is great for both companies and if you haven't tried EverNote for yourself I highly encourage you to download a copy today.

December 3, 2006 by


T-Mobile Dash falls to US$150

I was browsing the T-Mobile USA website checking out the possibility of picking up my own RIM BlackBerry Pearl when I saw that the T-Mobile Dash has now fallen to US$149.99 after a US$100 instant discount and US$100 mail-in rebate. This is US$50 less than I paid a month ago and is such an excellent deal that I just had to mention it here on my blog. The QWERTY keyboard smartphone market is hot right now and there are plenty of options for gift givers with multiple carriers.

November 30, 2006 by


Check out the Work Wherever ads for Windows Mobile

The tagline of my blog here is Work Where You Want To Be and it seems that Microsoft has the same idea as they just updated their Windows Mobile marketing with a new site and some online ads with the tagline Work Wherever. I thought the ads were pretty funny and if you check them out make sure to watch the outtakes as well for a few more laughs. I am using a Windows Mobile T-Mobile Dash and this device lets me conduct a lot of my work on the go, especially these last couple days when I have had 3 hour commutes with the snow and ice in Western Washington.

November 29, 2006 by


Unlocking your mobile phone is no longer prohibited

Last week the U.S. Copyright Office issued a ruling that states cell phone owners are allowed to break their software locks on their devices. There has been quite bit of talk about this on the internet, but the ruling doesn't state anything about requiring wireless carriers to unlock your phone. It just states that people who do so won't be subject to the prohibition against circumventing access controls during the next three years.

November 28, 2006 by