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Violet Blue is the author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy. She contributes to ZDNet, CNET, CBS News, and SF Appeal.

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Larry Seltzer has long been a recognized expert in technology, with a focus on mobile technology and security in recent years

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Word up to Linux fan boys: Multiple Linux flaws show that Linux also has kernel issues

Not to defend Microsoft, as kernel exploits that provide privileged access are terrible flaws, but we had an interesting discussion in the talkbacks where several people acted as if Microsoft was the only place that could've made such mistakes.  Well, the proof is in the pudding that this is a common flaw across operating systems that is difficult to catch due to the complexities of kernel code.

May 1, 2008 by Nathan McFeters


Italy reveals population's tax, salary details

Italy's tax department posted every Italian's declared earnings and tax contributions on a site that was quickly overwhelmed by onlookers.According to the BBC:There has been outrage in Italy after the outgoing government published every Italian's declared earnings and tax contributions on the internet.

May 1, 2008 by


HP plugs latest ActiveX software update flaw

HP has plugged another ActiveX vulnerability in its software update application.The patch (CVE-2008-0712) covers "a potential vulnerability has been identified with the HPeDiag ActiveX control which is a component of HP Software Update running under windows.

April 28, 2008 by


Developers at fault? SQL Injection attacks lead to wide-spread compromise of IIS servers

There's been a lot of noise and violent thrashing over the last couple days regarding a flaw that was originally believed to be a flaw in Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Server), but has since been pointed out as simply a well thought out SQL Injection attack. For those of you who aren't familiar with SQL Injection attacks, it's a pretty well known web application attack vector that exists in high volume on dynamic applications, say for instance, on your banking site.

April 28, 2008 by Nathan McFeters


More URI handler issues to come

Rob Carter, Billy Rios, and I have been blogging about and speaking at conferences like Black Hat and ToorCon all year on the subject of URI handler abuse.  One might think these types of flaws are soon to go away, but one look at SecurityFocus and FullDisclosure today and you can see that's not the case.

April 25, 2008 by Nathan McFeters