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Violet Blue is the author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy. She contributes to ZDNet, CNET, CBS News, and SF Appeal.

Larry Seltzer

Larry Seltzer has long been a recognized expert in technology, with a focus on mobile technology and security in recent years

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Microsoft issues Safari-to-IE blended threat warning

Microsoft has issued a formal security advisory with a confirmation of public warnings that the Safari "carpet bombing" vulnerability presents a remote code execution threat on all supported editions of Windows XP and Windows Vista.The pre-patch advisory from Redmond follows public pressure from the Google-backed StopBadware.

May 30, 2008 by Ryan Naraine


Obama looking for help thwarting Web site hackers

On the heels of last month's embarrassing site breach that allowed a hacker to redirect traffic from to Hillary Clinton's Web site, the Obama campaign is looking to hire a network security expert to lock down its online operations.

May 30, 2008 by Ryan Naraine


ActiveX control bug bites Creative Labs AutoUpdate engine

A high-severity security flaw in the Creative Software automatic update engine could put Windows computers at risk of remote code execution attacks, according to a warning from the US-CERT (Computer Emergency Readiness Team).The vulnerability affects the software used to provide updates to Creative Labs' audio/video entertainment product line, which includes the popular Zen MP3 player line.

May 30, 2008 by Ryan Naraine


Why Apple must fix Safari 'carpet bombing' flaw immediately

Apple makes a big deal -- and lots of funny commercials -- around the security profile of its products.  On the Safari download site,  the boast is that users get "worry-free Web browsing on any computer" because, in Cupertino's words, "Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.

May 29, 2008 by Ryan Naraine


Attacks on NFC mobile phones demonstrated

Yesterday, Collin Mulliner of the, a group of computer experts researching insecurities in wireless communications, has released the slides as well as the research tools he came up with in order to demonstrate various attacks and vulnerabilities in Near Field Communication mobile phones, a technology that will change the face of mobile payments, and naturally result in more innovative mobile phishing and malware attempts.

May 28, 2008 by Dancho Danchev


ICANN warning against registrar impersonation phishing attacks

How realistic is an attack that successfully hijacks a domain by social engineering the domain's registrar? Pretty realistic according to ICANN's recently released advisory on preventing Registrar Impersonation Phishing Attacks :In this Advisory, SSAC describes generic forms of this type of attack.

May 28, 2008 by Dancho Danchev