Brian Sommer

Brian is currently CEO of TechVentive, a strategy consultancy serving technology providers and other firms. He is also a research analyst with Vital Analysis.

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NorthgateArinso - An evolving HR solution

Software markets are very fluid. A vendor that had a major competitive differentiator can suddenly find itself needing another. How many payroll service providers have morphed from being a major HR BPO provider to a solutions firm with BPaaS and options for global payroll in 110 countries? Will they need more?

August 19, 2012 by


Executive Interview - Mark Galloway and how tech sales are changing (Part II)

Selling technology is different today. The buyer expects a different, more informed seller - a seller that knows their business, industry and the problems ailing them. They also want a seller that asks insightful questions. If you're still asking "So, what's keeping you awake at night" to your prospects, they're probably not loving you. Here's part II of my interview with Mark Galloway of OppSource.

July 29, 2012 by

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Software Smack Talk Playbook

You can predict what one vendor will say about another - just look at where each is in their evolution. Trash talk happens all the time in the tech space. See the game plan unfold before you in this satire post. Enjoy...

June 19, 2012 by