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Andrew Mager is a hacker advocate at Spotify in New York City.

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Hashable breaks the ice with Twitter intros

You meet people in real life all the time, but sometimes keeping track of them online is a tricky operation. Hashable is trying to solve this problem with a social stream of your real world connections.

October 12, 2010 by Andrew Mager


Instagram: a mobile photo lab in your pocket

The iTunes App Store has a new app called Instragram, created by the founder of Burbn.The key feature that makes this app different from many other photo-sharing sites is the ability to apply an artistic filter on your photos (which basically just makes them look cooler).

October 6, 2010 by Andrew Mager


Interhoods: find coders and designers in your neighborhood

If you live in NYC, Chicago, or San Francisco, a new site called Interhoods will show you which neighborhoods have the best developers and designers. And it's pretty easy on the eyes:It's super simple to setup: you login with either your Github or Dribbble account and then choose which neighborhood you live in.

October 5, 2010 by Andrew Mager

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Tahoe Tech Talk 2010: Best Quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk

My favorite blog posts to write are ones where I simply quote Gary Vanyerchuk when he speaks at conferences (SxSW '09, SxSW '10, FOWA 2010). Today, he spoke at Tahoe Tech Talk, an intimate get-together that you should absolutely attend next year.

October 1, 2010 by Andrew Mager


Ubercab: a step above the yellow taxi

I got light of a new service called Ubercab from my friend Matt Hunter a few weeks ago, and I finally tried it out today.The service is way simpler than flagging down a regular taxicab, and only a small percentage more expensive.

August 6, 2010 by Andrew Mager


It's about time: Google kills Wave

After 15 months of hype and disappointment, Google has decided to pull the plug on Wave, its real-time collaboration platform.Wave was an awesome platform, but I just never found it useful in the workplace.

August 4, 2010 by Andrew Mager