Bezos' Black Friday: Amazon Kindle sales double during holiday weekend

Bezos' Black Friday: Amazon Kindle sales double during holiday weekend

Summary: The one-two punch of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. and heavy sales promotion for Cyber Monday were good to Amazon, with global Kindle sales more than doubling over last year.

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Looks like those holiday deals for Amazon's Kindle family -- the Fire tablet for as low as $129 among them -- paid off handsomely for the online retailing giant, as the company posted its biggest day to date for global Kindle sales.

Kindle sales for the holiday weekend as a whole -- which extended from Thursday to Monday -- were "more than double" that of last year during the same time period. That's either an indicator of a healthier global economy, further proof that the Kindle is everyone's favorite holiday gift or reassurance that Amazon's tablet strategy is working.

Not that we'd know. Amazon did not, and historically does not, release detailed sales figures.

If you're unfarmiliar, Amazon's product offering goes like this: $69 Kindle e-reader, $119 Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, $179 Paperwhite 3G, $159 Fire tablet, $199 Fire HD tablet, $299 Kindle Fire HD larger-format tablet, $499 Kindle Fire HD larger format with 4G. The company has taken great strides to occupy every price point below Apple's iPad, and the strategy seems to be effective enough to prompt Apple to eat its own words and offer a smaller, lower priced model.

Amazon says its e-readers and tablets occupied the top four spots on its global bestsellers list, and the $129 Fire deal was its biggest Cyber Monday deal ever. The Kindle Fire HD is "the most gifted and most wished for product on Amazon" worldwide. (Consider, however, that Amazon controls the promotion of its own products in its own store.)

I'm sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you through all the boasting.

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  • I think that big retailers and companies make some whopper mistakes

    but man, did Amazon hit a home run with this business strategy. I cringe when I see a locked in device like this but I am not a typical buyer. Most people will grab these devices and won't stop buying stuff from Amazon until their bank accounts are empty. Who cares if they are selling the hardware at cost? Heck, they could sell them well below cost. It wouldn't surprise me to see them give away the original kindle fire with the purchase of a yearly Amazon Prime membership.
  • There was another story here that Kindles made up

    about 1% of Black Friday tablet sales. If that's double what Amazon normally sells and is a big hit for them, I guess we now know why they don't talk about how many Kindles they sell.
  • Not real Impressed with Amazon

    Amazon is running these "Top Christmas Gifts" deal where they will take certain things and discount them for a short period of time. Start and end times very. One of the deals I liked so I waited til the sale started and tried to purchase it. But it wouldn't give me the discounted I started a "chat session" with one of the 'techs' and as we were chatting I noticed the small little note "restrictions apply" in the link to the deal. When I read this little note I found out why I wasn't getting the deal. If you have a gift card account (with money on it) you can not uncheck the box that says use my gift card balance to pay for this purchase. If you uncheck that you do not get the "lighting deal" as they call it. What a load of BS. You only have 15 minutes to purchase the deal once you put it in your shopping cart. In my case I bought a couple other things and unchecked the box (not knowing this would eliminate me from the deal) and proceeded to check out. I noticed that I was not getting the deal but thought maybe I had to wait until the very end before the deal would show up. So after all that I still did not get the deal so I canceled the purchase. As I said earlier I started a chat with the tech and as we were chatting right in the middle of the chat she disconnected with me. I wasn't offensive, I wasn't belligerent, I was upset about the way the "restrictions" were applied. As I was responding to one of her statements I noticed my key strokes were no longer being recorded in the chat session. Then I noticed the statement that the tech had disconnected. So if that is how Amazon treats it customers I will certainly shop else where. Unfortunately I do have a Kindle so I buy my books from them but other purchases will be done with other online retailers.