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Matthew Miller started using a Pilot 1000 in 1997 and has been writing news, reviews, and opinion pieces ever since.

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Weekend PSA; subscribe to the Smartphones & Cell Phones blog

My ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer blog has thousands of RSS subscribers and I noticed that this still rather young Smartphones & Cell Phones blog has just a few of you subscribed to the feed. Thus, as a weekend public service announcement I wanted to make you aware that you can subscribe via RSS using your favorite client and know when I post new articles. Did you know you can also sign up for email alerts if you don't use RSS?

March 28, 2009 by


MobileTechRoundup show #167, Whispersync, iPhone 3.0 notification, and Opera Mobile with Turbo

Kevin finally sent back James' original Kindle, but only after first buying his own Kindle 2. In MobileTechRoundup show #167 we started off by chatting about how the Whispersync technology makes the Kindle a compelling product for iPhone ebook fans. The official announcement was also made last week for eReader beta for BlackBerry devices. Om Malik broke the news that Skype may be coming to the iPhone next week at CTIA and Kevin and I will be there to find out first hand and maybe make some test calls between our iPhones. We didn't get into all the details of the iPhone OS 3.0 update, but we did discuss the implication of push notification and whether or not other will follow Apple's lead in using this type of system. Opera Mobile 9.7 also gets a Turbo boost and James and I talked a bit about why we like this browsing solution.

March 27, 2009 by


Opera Mobile 9.7 coming with Opera Turbo server acceleration

I will be covering CTIA on my ZDNet blogs next week and just received a press release that Opera will be announcing Opera Mobile 9.7 at the event. Opera Mobile is the best web browser currently available for Windows Mobile devices and looks to be getting even better with Opera Turbo and Presto 2.2 rendering engine. This updated browser also offers full support for dynamic web technologies like Ajax and Flash.

March 26, 2009 by

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Google Mobile App with voice search now available for BlackBerry

The Google Mobile App with Voice Search was launched previously on devices running the Android OS, Windows Mobile, and iPhone OS and it is now available for RIM BlackBerry devices. I use the Google Mobile App daily on my new Curve 8900 to get to Reader quickly and conduct fast searches. This updated version also supports My Location so you won't even need to speak a location when you conduct a voice search.

March 25, 2009 by


eReader brings access to almost 60,000 ebooks to the BlackBerry platform

I've been enjoying eReader (used to be called Peanut Press, then PalmReader) for years on my mobile devices and I had always just assumed that the software was available on all the major platforms since it worked on my Palm, S60, and Windows Mobile devices. It is also currently available for the iPhone/iPod touch devices. Yesterday, Fictionwise, Inc. announced that a beta for BlackBerry devices is now available for testing and evaluation. I was a bit surprised that it wasn't already on the BlackBerry platform and think this is a smart move by Fictionwise since the BB platform is quite huge and growing as they release more consumer-oriented devices. I loaded it up on my new Curve 8900 and it was easy to sign into my Fictionwise account and easily access my library of ebooks.

March 24, 2009 by

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Internet traffic data shows the iPhone was top dog in February

AdMob released their February 2009 report (PDF link) that gathers data from ads on more than 6,000 mobile web sites and 1,000 applications around the world. This data does not show sales information, which is tough to really understand because of the way companies count sales and the way data analysis companies count smartphones. Looking at the US smartphone figures, Apple has the lions share of traffic 50% in Febuary 2009 with RIM in second with 21%, Windows Mobile in third with 13%, Palm in fourth with 7% and Android in fifth with 5%.

March 24, 2009 by


iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 walkthrough

I was pleased with the iPhone 3.0 announcement and actually ended up purchasing a new iPhone 3G device for myself so I can take full advantage of the new operating system. Rene Ritchie posted a detailed walkthrough of the iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 software that has me wanting this update sooner rather than later. I know I could get all the updates, except for MMS and A2DP, on my original iPhone, but I actually use MMS quite a bit with my teenage daughters since they do not have data plans. I also use A2DP quite a bit on my Nokia devices to listen to music as I work out on the elliptical.

March 24, 2009 by

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Clash of the Touch Titans; iPhone 3G 3.0 vs. Palm Pre

As a service to my readers and as a way for me to lay out and figure out what may be the best of the touch-focused devices either available or coming soon from each of the major mobile operating systems I will be presenting you with five Clash of the Touch Titans articles that looks at the operating system, hardware, carriers, 3rd party applications, and overall functionality. The selected touch screen devices will each be pitted against the new iPhone 3.0 operating system update running on an iPhone 3G because it is currently the hottest device available at the moment. Those devices include the Palm Pre, HTC Magic, BlackBerry Storm, Samsung OMNIA HD, and HTC Touch Diamond2.

March 23, 2009 by


Carriers may have snubbed the Dell smartphone prototypes

A couple of months ago Andrew asked, "Would you buy a Dell smartphone? and apparently that may not be an option for quite some time, if ever. Dell has not yet issued any official statement regarding their possible smartphone plans, but an analyst stated that Dell was rejected by carriers after they saw a prototype and were not impressed. Dell was known to sell their Pocket PC devices at some of the lowest prices around and by taking this pricing scheme to phones there may not be enough of a profit margin for Dell or the carriers.

March 23, 2009 by


MobileTechRoundup show #166, New devices and missing social apps

James, Kevin, and myself were all a bit tired as we recorded MobileTechRoundup show #166 early this morning after a late night of watching March Madness. We started off the show by talking about how well CBS is supporting your ability to watch and follow the action just about anywhere. James has the Sony VAIO P in house for review and told us some of his first impressions. I also just picked up a new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 and offered some thoughts. The E71 may be coming to AT&T next week and Kevin voiced his frustrations with finding a Facebook application for S60. This raised the issue of the lack of social applications on S60 devices. Dell launched the Adamo this last week, but we aren't really sure if it is a good device at this time of economic uncertainty.

March 21, 2009 by