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Adrian Kingsley-Hughes is an internationally published technology author who has devoted over a decade to helping users get the most from technology.

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Scarcity and long queues are a marketing strategy

If you plan on buying a Sony PlayStation 3 or a Microsoft Zune this Christmas, then you will join an elite group of individuals who will have the privilege of beta testing that product. On top of that, you'll be expected to market that product aggressively during 2007 by actively promoting it to your friends, colleagues and family.

October 2, 2006 by


Just how much extra system resources does Vista Aero UI take?

Whenever anyone mentions the Windows Vista operating system, someone is bound to bring up the fact that Windows Vista is slow and takes up to much in the way of system resources and that is needs some sort of supercomputer to run. This is plainly untrue and the people who are saying this are either misguided, mistaken or lying. However, it is true is that you need more power to run the new Aero user interface. But just how much extra power does this take?

September 29, 2006 by


How AMD stumbled with Socket AM2

When AMD released the Socket AM2 platform during May of this year, many expected it to be a huge hit - after all, it supported DDR2, sporting a 30% increase memory bandwidth, and introduced new features such as hardware virtualization. The Socket AM2 platform took what AMD had learned from the Socket 939 platform and built upon it.Now, four months on from launch, and the AM2 platform has been largely sidelined and the Socket 939 platform still dominates mainstream AMD PCs. Why? Where did AMD go wrong with AM2?

September 26, 2006 by


Apple, Podcast and Jar Jar Binks

So, the legal eagles at Apple have finally started to take objection to the word "podcast" and sent a cease and desist letters to a company called Podcast Ready because it claims that the terms "Podcast Ready" and "myPodder" infringe Apple's trademarks, and that their use will cause confusion among consumers. Is that the real reason? I don't think so.

September 24, 2006 by


DEP - A missed opportunity to protect millions of Windows users

Imagine coming across someone who had both an antivirus package and firewall software installed on their PC and yet both were switched off. You'd think that they were pretty dumb, way too brave or a little bit crazy (or they are antivirus researchers!). But the fact is that there are literally millions of Windows XP SP2 users who have a defense mechanism in place that would protect them against many of the vulnerabilities that threaten them, but that protection is, by default, partly disabled.

September 20, 2006 by