Google took a simple concept - text keywords - and became an Internet leader. In most markets, Google has the search market share lead and management is looking to expand into new markets. The search giant hasn't quite found its next big hit, but Google Apps and Android are promising extensions of the business. The game plan for Google: Expand into new markets like mobile and grow advertising revenue. Google is also dabbling in everything from broadband to power management to alternative energy. The company is well positioned to benefit from cloud computing and the consumerization of IT.

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What if Santa was also a tech CEO?

What if Santa was also a tech CEO?

What if Santa moonlighted as a tech CEO for the rest of the year? I'm pretty sure these cutthroat titans of tech feel that jolly old St. Nick is missing a trick or two by giving people the gifts they want as opposed to using his position to gain dominance and market share.

December 11, 2014 by in Hardware

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