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Solar storms to peak in 2013

Solar storms to peak in 2013

The biggest solar storm on record in 1859 brought down US and European telegraph systems and lit up the world sky with Aurorae; a similar storm today would wreak havoc with power grids and fry delicate electronics. Your cloud infrastructure platforms are particularly vulnerable...

published December 26, 2012


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2014: I'm still sick of Android

2014: I'm still sick of Android

With no solid business productivity apps, as well as continually perpetuating the 'toxic hellstew', Google's mobile OS is still missing from my personal tech stable two years after I abandoned it. But there's some hope for it yet.

published 2 days ago


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ZDNet App Wrap: May 6, 2013

ZDNet App Wrap: May 6, 2013

This week, the App Wrap looks at Google Search, Facebook Beta, Qantas, Google Keep, Location Alert, ClipNote Special, rediATM Finder, and Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia.

published May 5, 2013


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